Likes-   Red, purple, blue, green
Dislikes- Pink, bright yellow, black,

Likes-  32 or 28  count, fat quarters of quilting fabric
Dislikes- Aida

Likes- Everything!  Especially in need of Variegated floss

26  size bohin

I love to journal so I collect journals and pens of all colors.   I also love to collage so I have a collection of crap I can glue, or somehow attach to paper.  I collect key chains and willow tree angels.

Food- I love anything with peanut butter in it.  I drink coffee as well as tea.

I love most everything by Lizzy Kate, Joan Elliott, Bent Creek and CCN.   I love bears,  cute sayings, halloween, turtles, and frogs.

Dislikes- Religous sayings, large samplers, christmas trees,

I also absolutely love funky socks.  I never wear socks that match what I wear. The brighter and louder the better.

You can find my wishlist on 123 stitch with Patchesmany@yahoo.com


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