HAED- top row done- dragonflies whisper

I apparently forgot to share this. The top row of my HAED is done. I am so pleased with how it looks. I started the second row yesterday. I'm so happy with how it is looking.


I do my HAEDs tent stitch. Some people will say that isn't really stitching, or whatever but I don't care what they think or say. I like the coverage of tent on the 22 ct fabric and from looking distance you can't even tell.

Another half page and I'll be at my goal for the year. Yay.



Here is what it will look like some day.






My favorite week-HAED week

Last week was my favorite project to stitch lately. Dragonflies whisper, my HAED. I am getting close to another page finish. Then I have a page this is a single column wide. That is it for the top row. I can't wait to start the second row, that is where things really take off.


Here is my where I left off last time,



Here is where I left off after a great stitching week.


As you can see I am off a half row somewhere. I will make it up in the next column and all will look fine.



WIPocalypse February

I got a lot stitched since the last check in. I even had my first finish.

As of last month this is where I was on Earthdancer. 32 ct Silkweaver's fairyland Wexford linen.


This is where I am now-


My HAED is coming along well. Dragonflies whisper, Kuik. 22 ct. Tent stitch.
This is where I was when I started
This is where I am now.


In my small rotation I stitched Mr, Blue Monster, 28 ct. Mystery eve weave. This was a fast, fun stitch. It's mosey n me from the 2012 Halloween collector issue. I did change a few of the threads.



WIPocalypse 2015-January

I’m Angie. I’m 38, married 15 years, with a nearly 5 yr old son. I stitch about 1-2 hours a day.mNow that my son is older I sometimes stitch evenings I don’t work as well. I started stitching when I was 10ish, then took many years off until I was around 30.

Although I have participated in the past, I sat out last year. I am participating in WIPocalypse this year. You can learn all about WIPocalypse as well as sign up here.

My goals this year are to complete as many of the following as I can. Most of these will be new starts. I am proud to say missing from my list is Japanese garden, my chatelaine, which I finished. You can see pics a few entries back.

I stitch on a rotation. Currently one week Earthdancer, one week HAED, one week a small. As this first full moon came 5 days into the year the only one I have worked on is Earthdancer.
Here is my current progress. Stitched on Silkweaver’s fairyland 32 ct. Wexford linen
Here is a list of my goals for the year.

Crabby all year-may-raise the roof (Rabbits). I am stitching each month separate.


Crabby all year-June-raise the roof ( bugs)

Night owl- mill hill kit (my first mill hill)


Earthdancer 50%-butternut road


Dragonflies whisper-HAED- 3 pages. This one I have started already. My goal would take me 1 page into the second row. This is approximately 3 1/2 pages.

Sheep in the meadow- CCN


Garden pleasures-LHN


Live simply- dimensions kit


Let it snow-CCN- 2008 issue of JCS-no pic
Mr. Blue monster- mosey -n me- 2012 Halloween JCS-no pic











Haed Update- Dragonflies Whisper April 2014

I took a few weeks off from cross-stitch. Anyone else have trouble with mojo when spring comes? This year I decided to purposely take a few weeks off, in the hopes that it would help me pick it back up again. While I did take 3 weeks off, maybe a month instead of just a week, that is better than not stitching for months.

I stitched on my HAED this past week- Dragonflies whisper. I really love stitching on this. I love how it is turning out.



This is my open week, I plan to stitch my chatelaine. If you recall I am on that final side. Next week is my planned Chatelaine week, which gives me 2 weeks to work on it instead of just 1. Let’s see if I can get that final side done.

HAED update- page 3 finished- Dragonflies whisper

Excuse the lateness of this week’s blog entry. First my son came down with a tummy bug, then I got it. Gosh I have not been that sick in quite awhile. I am feeling human again though. 

YAHOO! Anyone who stitches Haed’s knows what I am talking about. That thrill when you finish a page. The joy and sense of accomplishment. Last week I finished page 3 of Dragonflies Whisper. I am so happy with how this one is turning out. Even those branches which are full of confetti, aren’t too bad.  You can’t really tell in the photo but the moon is all sparkly kreinik.  

First I have a close up of the page I just did, then a photo of the entire project so far. 

Dragonflies Whisper-Kuik- 22ct tent stitch. 





The few dark threads you see there I have to frog out. I finally figured out what I did wrong. There are 2 flower symbols one is dark the other is light. I used the wrong one. Why there are 2 symbols so close to the same, I don’t know.  

This week is my open stitch week. I do have a finish but you’ll have to wait until next week to see it.