Halloween finish-spider’s garden

I finished this 2 nights ago. I love how it turned out. It's spider's garden from the Halloween 2012 issue of JCS. You'll notice I did slightly change it. I left out the silver beads. I thought they took away from the web. Otherwise I stitched this as charted on 28 ct.evenweave that I hand dyed.

Speaking of Halloween, guess what I finally have finish finished? 6 bats. You can't tell here but the background fabric is spider webs. A tiny bit of the glue is showing on that right side and I'm okay with the lack of perfection.



Small finish-Mr. Blue Monster

I said I was going to start a Mill Hill kit this week. However when I went to separate the floss out, I was missing a color. A few of the colors were so close, I am not even 100% sure which I am missing. So I went through my kitted and waiting projects. That's when I came across Mr. Blue Monster. I was able to start and finish this in 5 days.

I stitched this mostly as charted on 27 ct mystery fabric. This chart is from the 2012 Halloween collectors issue of JCS. It's a mosey 'n me pattern.



WIPocalypse finish

6 bats and a black cat

6 bats and a black cat.  32 count hand dyed Jobelyn. I love how this one is coming along. Instead of saying it won’t be done for this Halloween I will say it is very early for next Halloween.  I even have the perfect fabric to finish it with if I don’t decide to frame it.  This is an easy stitch, though it does have 2 specialty stitches, they are ones I am familiar with. It’s few colors makes it a great project to take with me.


Love Stinks

Love Stinks. Part of the Crabby all Year series by Raise The Roof designs. Stitched on tea/coffee dyed 28 count evenweave. I am stitching each piece separately. I have a frame already and I will switch them out monthly.  Eventually I will have a variety of the month series from different stitchers all up by my calendar.

This brings my WIPocolypse total to 7/18. I am still quite hopeful to get to 9/18 at least.

It is the last week of the month. Usually that would mean Dragonflies Whisper, my HAED. However I have finished my yearly goal already and Japanese Garden has been calling my name.  I have been stitching on the final parts for 3 days now. I am currently working on the 2nd 1 over 1 crane. If I remember correctly, it should take me about a week to finish it.  You will have to wait until next update to see it though.

HAED update, halloween stitching

I have 2 update photos to share today.

First up is my HAED update. I stitch on it once a month at least as part of a SAL. This is about 2 1/2 pages. I love how this is turning out.


This is my halloween piece for this year. Well maybe this year and next year. It is highly unlikely I will finish it by halloween. It is 6 cats and a black bat. It has been fun to stitch.

Halloween is my favorite holiday to stich, what is yours?