2013 review, 2014 plans

I haven’t stitched in weeks. I  was trying hard to finish 6 bats and a black cat before the end of the year but I just got so busy, It’s getting close though.


I ended WIPocalypse 2013 with 8/17 done.  I’m not real happy with that. I tried but feeling forced to work on something just…got old.


I made a list for WIPocalypse 2014, but I deleted it. I’ve decided I am not going to do any challenges in 2014.  Instead I will stitch what I want, and stitch for the process not the end result or some goal in mind. Just to enjoy it. I would like to get Fire Goddess and Japanese Garden done, but we will see.


Here is some highlights of 2013



I made great progress on Japanese Garden.  It’s so close to being done.


I finished a few pages of Dragonflies Whisper, my HAED.




I framed quite a few pieces that I finished stitching in 2012.







 I did a quick valentine’s piece, that I really adore.


I did this one for my mom. I’m so proud of it.

I also finished stitching a few pieces that I have not yet finished.




Although I did a terrible job of posting monthly on TUSAL, I did add to my vase throughout the year. Here is where I ended up.



WIPocalypse finish

6 bats and a black cat

6 bats and a black cat.  32 count hand dyed Jobelyn. I love how this one is coming along. Instead of saying it won’t be done for this Halloween I will say it is very early for next Halloween.  I even have the perfect fabric to finish it with if I don’t decide to frame it.  This is an easy stitch, though it does have 2 specialty stitches, they are ones I am familiar with. It’s few colors makes it a great project to take with me.


Love Stinks

Love Stinks. Part of the Crabby all Year series by Raise The Roof designs. Stitched on tea/coffee dyed 28 count evenweave. I am stitching each piece separately. I have a frame already and I will switch them out monthly.  Eventually I will have a variety of the month series from different stitchers all up by my calendar.

This brings my WIPocolypse total to 7/18. I am still quite hopeful to get to 9/18 at least.

It is the last week of the month. Usually that would mean Dragonflies Whisper, my HAED. However I have finished my yearly goal already and Japanese Garden has been calling my name.  I have been stitching on the final parts for 3 days now. I am currently working on the 2nd 1 over 1 crane. If I remember correctly, it should take me about a week to finish it.  You will have to wait until next update to see it though.

Cirque page finish

I finished page 2 of cirque des  couers. I am excited because 2 pages meets my yearly goal for this piece. WOOHOO.  Looks great too IMO.


Sorry the photo isn’t better. It wasn’t a great day for taking pictures.



HAED update, TUSAL, final framed finish

Long time no post. Sorry about that. You know how life gets in the way. I have been stitching a fair amount, and have a page finish on my Haed. Dragonflies whisper. It is also my yearly goal. Though it is only August so I hope to get a bit more done before years end. This is the first year I hit my HAED goal. I attribute it to finally finding the combination that works for me.  22ct, 2×1, tent stitch.  I just wish I had experimented more earlier on and not let what others used and said about tent stitching influence me.

I also included a photo of what it will look like someday, since this still isn’t much to look at.

HAED-Dragonflies whisper

Springtime serenade-CCN

I can’t believe I didn’t share this before but apparently I shared it everywhere but here.  My final recently framed piece. Would you believe I found the frame at goodwill?  It couldn’t fit better if I had bought it specifically for this piece. I can’t wait til it is spring so I can hang it.

Wipocalypse 2

I had lots of progress this past month. You can see links to other Wipocalypse participants or join the fun by going here.

I started cirque de couers. Despite having to frog that big heart 3 times, I managed some good progress. It is being stitched on 32 count jobelan with caron waterlillies blue Lagoon.

My mom finally received her gift so I can show you how it turned out. Took forever for me to get it just right but I’m so pleased with how it looks and so is she. cowboy dreams by CCN. I took out the pony toy the upper guy had and used beads instead of French knots.

I had another rotation on haed as well. I’m about a quarter of the way through the second page. It’s coming along nicely. dragonflies whisper by kuik on 22 count.

Last I had a restaurant that on one of last year’s Wipocalypse pieces. Snowflake serenade by CCN. I believe it is okay on a 28 count jobelan. I had to redo it as I had the fabric turned wrong. I didn’t like the mint green as charted so I have changed it to purple in the scarf and house.