WIPocalypse 1

I really enjoyed last year’s WIPocalypse even though I didn’t stitch for about 7 months of the year.  I accomplished a fair amount when I did stitch.

You will see some of the same pieces I was working on last year (Fire Goddess and Japanese Garden) as well as many new pieces.

 I already have 2 finishes. First up is Forgive Quickly.  This was a really fun and fast stitch.   I changed the charted thread to an unknown HDF. It is one that I got in an exchange and is I believe came from HDF grab bag.  This is Lizzy Kate stitched on an unknown piece of blue fabric, either 28 or 25 ct.  I am in the process of finishing finishing this.  Look for that post in a few days or so.

Next up we have Cowboy Dreams. This is a gift for my mom, who lives in Oklahoma.  It is stitched on a coffee/tea dyed piece of 28ct evenweave. It is from Country Cottage Needleworks.  I stitched it with all the recommended threads. I did substitute seed beads for the french knots. I will do that from now on as it was easy and Ithink it looks nice.  I am in the process of finishing this one as well.   Since my mom doesn’t come here I can show it. It’s my facebook she looks at so I won’t post a photo there until she receives it. (this pattern will be up for sale soon should you be interested) Sorry for the crappy photo.  I’ll get a better one when I get it finish finished. 

So that isn’t bad I don’t think. My list of what I’d like to work on this year can be found on a tab above.  But here is a list for you……..

In no particular order here is my list.I know I won’t finish the entire list and I’m okay with that.

1.  Japanese Garden- Chatelaine
2.  Dragonflies Whisper-HAED- will count a complete as 1 page

3. A Trio Of Angels-Harmony- Cross stitcher August ’08
4.  Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott
5. Cirque De Couers- Ink Circles- Will count a page as complete
6. Retro Owls- Cross-Stitcher 221
7. Sweet Treats- Cross-Stitch Collection October 2012- Will Count a finish as one gingerbread man
8.  6 bats and a black Cat- Blue Ribbon Designs
9.  6 fat men- Lizzy Kate- will count a finish as 3 snowmen
10.Crabby All Year- February- Raise The Roof 
11. Let it snow- CCN
12. Winter Fun- M Designs
13.  Never Ending Stash- 4 My Boys
14.  Snowflake Serenade- CCN
15.  Traveling Stitcher-LHN
16. Snowy Pines- LHN
17. Cowboy Dreams-CCN-started 1/14- finished 1/24
18. Sheep In the Meadow- CCN
19.  Medallion- From Nancy’s Needle
20.  Forgive Quickly- Lizzy Kate-started 1/1-finished 1/10


First finish

I have my first finish of the year. It was a quick, fun, and and easy stitch. I did change it a bit. It is lizzy Kate forgive quickly. I stitched it on a very pale blue mystery Even weave. I changed the thread color to a mystery hdf I found in my stash. I plan to go to Hancock fabrics later this week to find the perfect fabric to finish it with.

WIPocalypse 12

Forgive the lateness of this.  With a hubby still recovering and a 2yr old very active little boy…….. well you get the idea.

Although I’m further now on Japanese Garden I am going to show the photo as of when I should have posted this.  For a current update you’ll have to wait until the next update (assuming the world doesn’t end right?)

I finished my goal on Crabby all year long for this challenge.. Month 1- January. I am happy with how it turned out.. though I think i am going to move that top bird to on top of the car.  I am stitching each month on separate fabby.

I also finished Joy Love Peace.  I love this as well. It is upstairs in the process of being finished. My son has already asked for it to be in his room. He loves Christmas trees.    Although I have discovered it doesn’t line up I am okay with that. It adds personality right?

My final update is Japanese Garden. I am quite happy with how it is going. I finally finished that outer border this past month. WOOHOO.


Crabby Month 1

I decided to do Raise The Roof Designs Crabby all Year individually.  My plan is to put several pieces in frames above the calendar page for each month.   January was an easy month to stitch. It didn’t take much time at all. It was one of my Crazy January Challenge pieces, so it was started.  The only part I didn’t like was all the white. Boring.   It only took a few days of stitching to get this done.  I love the birds on it.  I may move that top bird I’m not sure if I like it there. 

I am still looking for fabric to finish Joy Love Peace.   I hope to get to Hancock fabric this week to see what they have.   Can you believe I have No Christmas Fabric?

A Finish

I had another finish today.  I’m pleased with how it turned out, though if I stitch it again I will change one of the colors.  I thought about changing it, but just didn’t want to frog what I had already done.

Joy Love Peace- CCN-Mystery pink fabric, 2×2

It was really hard to get a decent photo of this.  The fabby is actually a pale pink, and you can’t really see them but there are white birds at the top by the star and two snowflakes below the birds.  If I stitched it again, I would change the mauve, to a more pink, or perhaps a purple or blue. Still it was a quick and fun stitch.

I was originally going to stitch it as an ornament, but it is a bit big for that, so I’m not sure how I will finish it.  I may do an ornament finish but hang it on the wall instead of the tree.

This was also one of my Crazy January challenge pieces as well as a WIPocalypse. 

WIPocalypse 11

Well I didn’t get much stitching done this past month-  My husband had emergency surgery and was in the hospital for 8 days.  He nearly died, and I have been so busy that stitching just hasn’t happened.  But here is what I did get done-

Fire Goddess-

WIPocalypse 10

It’s been a long time since I updated. I have a job though and didn’t have time through the summer as I figured out a new routine for me and the family.

I am back to stitching though-

Here is where I am with stitching-

I finished Springtime Serenade-

Springtime Serenade- CCN- 28ct evenweave- coffee/tea dyed

I also finished Coffee Crazy. This was such a fun easy stitch.   I did change the color charted in the mug to the blue.  

Coffee Crazy- Lizzy Kate- 28ct coffee dyed evenweave

And last but certainly not least- I finally got the sparkly threads I needed for this,  I did the sparkly stitches in her hair, necklace, and belt.

Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott, 28 ct, hand dyed evenweave

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