As part of a facebook group I am participating in a HAED stitch a long. I haven’t had any of my HAED’s out in quite awhile. While I was looking for them and deciding which one I am stitching on this year…… I thought maybe you all would like to see which ones I have.  I’ll spare you talk of the upteen hundred charts I have and just stick to the ones I have started.


 I thought I would start with my furthest along. This is Mistress of Wolves by Jessica Galbreth (retired pattern), 28ct, 1×1 full crosses.  I have 5 of 16 pages stitched. This was my first HAED. I did most of this stitching at a very dark time in my life. Since leaving that dark period I have lost all interest in stitching this. However I only have 4 1/2 full pages and the rest are partial pages. I may just finish the top half and not stitch the bottom. I haven’t decided.  

 This one is one of the 2 I may stitch on this year. I simply love the colors.  This is Robin Blue Mermaid by Nadia Tate. Sky Blue Jobelan, 25 ct. 2×1 tent stitch


 This is Visions. Also by Jessica Galbreth. I love this pattern.  It’s about 1/2 page worth. It’s 28 ct 2×1 tent stitch

This is what I will probably stitch. It’s Dragonflies Whisper by Ching Chou Kuik. I adore dragonflies and they remind me of someone no longer alive.  This is the only one that I have fully kitted as well. This is about 1/3 a page. It is stitched 2×1 on 22 ct.  Sorry about the photo quality. January in Ohio is not good for taking photos. 
So which is your favorite?  Of course like any HAED collector, I have a million other patterns to start as well as a large wishlist.  

Vision 1/2 page done

I finished my goal for the week tonight. The first half page of Visions.   I print 1/2 page at a time enlarged.   It’s not much to look at, just 6 colors- various shades of dark blue.

  HAED- Jessica Galbreth- Visions
28 count, tent stitching 2×1

Stash and HAED

Boy was I surprised when someone in an online group told me there is a stitching store right in my area. It is on my way back from therapy each week.   Of course on Saturday I had to stop in.  I got only a few small things, though I had many more in my hands.

The CC floss is for Garden Bugs, It’s the Blooming Crocus I ran out of. The WDW is for a small I have yet to start.

Usually when I post a HAED it is Mistress, but I have put Mistress aside for now.  I am just burnt out on her I guess.  It’s all the confetti stitching perhaps. Or I don’t know. It’s this I think—  I I stitched Mistress at a time in life when I was dealing with some painful things. Now though I am moving on, living life instead of watching it. I no longer feel the need to complete Mistress. I am thinking of just finishing the last top page part and calling that done.

If you are a Jessica Galbreth fan, you are aware she has a new direction. It really seems to fit me well, as I hadn’t been connecting with her work.   Two pieces I just had to have, and one of them is my current HAED.  She really to me is just moving on. That is what I see when I look at it.  Here is what it will look like someday-

Here is what it looks like currently-

Vision Jessica Galbreth

 Stats- Vision- Jessica Galbreth/HAED,  28 ct off white evenweave. 2×1 tent stitching.