He’s gone


My pap died on good Friday. My mom, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousins all met in Pa. Last Tuesday. The funeral was a week ago today. It was unbearably heart wrenching.

I don't really have anything else to say about it right now. It's too hard.




Cirque- small update

Life got in the way of much stitching this week.  Still I managed to stitch 2 days on Cirque. It’s getting there, but i’ve really lost interest in it. Still I want to finish it.


This one is so hard to get a decent photo of.

This is where it is now….


This is where it was last photo



Japanese Garden- Stitching Finished

I finally did it! 5 years later, the stitching on Japanese Garden is finished! I am so very excited.  I have all my beading things ready to start tomorrow.  I started this on April 22, 2009.  It is stitched on 28 ct. Mississippi Blue Cashel Linen by Silkweavers.  

It’s not perfect and know what? That’s okay with me. It shows my progression I think as I learned. Image




thumb injury


i work  at grocery deli. cut side tip of right thumb off. will be away awhile. typing hard one handed.


so close to japanese garden finish

HAED update- page 3 finished- Dragonflies whisper

Excuse the lateness of this week’s blog entry. First my son came down with a tummy bug, then I got it. Gosh I have not been that sick in quite awhile. I am feeling human again though. 

YAHOO! Anyone who stitches Haed’s knows what I am talking about. That thrill when you finish a page. The joy and sense of accomplishment. Last week I finished page 3 of Dragonflies Whisper. I am so happy with how this one is turning out. Even those branches which are full of confetti, aren’t too bad.  You can’t really tell in the photo but the moon is all sparkly kreinik.  

First I have a close up of the page I just did, then a photo of the entire project so far. 

Dragonflies Whisper-Kuik- 22ct tent stitch. 





The few dark threads you see there I have to frog out. I finally figured out what I did wrong. There are 2 flower symbols one is dark the other is light. I used the wrong one. Why there are 2 symbols so close to the same, I don’t know.  

This week is my open stitch week. I do have a finish but you’ll have to wait until next week to see it.


Japanese Garden

Since I am not doing WIPocalypse this year. I decided I would do my very best to post weekly updates. I am working  a rotation. I will be posting updates every monday.

First up was my free week. I decided to work on Fire Goddess.  I got several hundred stitches on the final page in before I realized the dress didn’t line up right.  *sigh* I found the mistake….. All the way in the first part. I had known there was a mistake somewhere for a few pages now, but never could find it, so I fudged it.  Well that came back to bite me in the ass. I couldn’t fudge the dress. It had to line up perfectly.  So I made a hard decision. Rather than frog 3 full pages, I tossed it. Rather than focus on all the wasted hours, I am choosing to see the lesson in all this.  Take the time to find a mistake, no matter how long it takes. It saves endless time and frustration down the road. Rather to frog a few hundred stitches than to have to toss a piece.

After that I decided to get out Japanese Garden for an extra week work.  I am quite pleased with the progress. This week is my regular rotation slot for it so I *should* get most of the over 1 crane done.  Anyways here is a photo of where I am now, and a photo showing the entire piece last time I had it off the frame.  I appologize for the crappy photo. Taking a decent photo is hard on a dreary midwinter day in Ohio.



In other news, I received a stash box in the mail over the weekend. I have taken out 5 things, and have more than 5 that I will add. I won’t be sending it off to the next person until beginning of February.



I have commited to participation in NaBloPoMo. You won’t see my entries here though. I am using my other blog for it.  PatchworkJourneys  Bet you didn’t even know I had 2 blogs. I usually keep them separate.  Hope on over if your curious. If not that is okay.

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