We now interrupt……..

I just want to post a photo of my little son zombie, dressed up for trick or treat tonight. We went out in the wind and rain and had a great time.




2 exchanges

I did a Sock it to me santa exchange in a group i’m in.  I forgot to take a photo of what I sent.  Here is what I received though.

I am doing an exchange for a different group- an advent exchange. Here is what I have received so far.  This is days 1-14.   Missing from the picture are Piecemaker needles, which I have already opened.

Here is a picture of the best looking laundry ever!


Japanese Garden- Corner ornament

I nearly finished the first corner ornament. I have a bit left to do on the very outside. I decided to hold off until next week for that.

As per the previous post- the urge to get Mistress out was strong so I did.  I spent part of my stitching time today moving the thread from the floss card thing- like come in kits- to floss bags, so that took up some time. I am much happier with stitching that way though so it was time well spent.  I did manage to finish a row- yay me.

Julie I wish I had finished the 3 page HAED goal for the year but I haven’t. I do have 1/2 page done- which is better than nothing, but that’s okay.

On another note here is a cute picture of Troy playing a computer game- basically a bash the keys and animals and letters pop up, but he loves it-