Japanese garden, overdue finishing

I got out japanese garden about a week ago. I am really enjoying it and making  great progress on the final parts. I am loving all the specialty stitches.
I finally got the camera hookup for my tablet so I am playing with a few photo editing apps.
In other news, I have the first of my used frames refinished and ready to show. I stitched that awhile ago. It’s strawberry house by CCN I believe.

2011 wrap up

2011 was a good year for me stitching wise. I did a great job on my To-do list. I finished all but 2 things. Those two things I knew would be a stretch to get done.

I started and finished the Garden series by Country cottage Needlework. I have it ready to take to frame shop soon as possible. I gave up finding a frame second hand, it’s just too odd a shape.

You’ll have to take my word that I participated in 4 exchanges- I don’t have pictures of most of them. I did get an few memorable things.  A pair of valentines day socks (I LOVE funky socks), Snowflake Serenade chart, and my first Round robin.

Do 2 ornaments-

Although I didn’t finish this as an ornament it is an ornament.  Came out of the Halloween issue of JCS from 2011.  

 Also not technically an ornament, but again I am okay with that. I was going to do this as an ornament….. then along came a Round robin and well….. You can see the finish product not to far down here.

Start and finish 1 additional small

This was in my To do pile for awhile. I got it in an exchange a few years back.  I loved every moment of stitching this. 

Finish 1 page of Japanese Garden
Finish Stitching on Japanese Garden (I added this goal part way through the year)

I way over accomplished the first goal of stitching a page.   Pages are hard to count on this one as it is stitched in parts…… but. anyways.   Part way through the year I added the goal of completing the stitching, but that just didn’t happen.  I am still so very pleased with this one.   My big goal for 2012 is to get this stitched and beaded. 

3 pages on Mistress or another HAED- has to be on 1 design not a combination.

  What to say on this final goal………. I intended this to be my focus piece for 2011, but that just didn’t happen.  I stitched most of this piece during a very difficult, painful part of my life.  And i’ve moved on from that, so stitching this became very hard, and took me back to that past which I don’t have a desire or need to revisit. I am unsure whether I will stitch the rest of this or just the top half of the design. 

Strawberry House Finish

My weekly update is late this week. I have a good reason though I promise…. A Finish! 
Yup that’s right. I finished Strawberry House by LHN.  It took a bit over a week to finish it.  It was a fun, easy, quick stitch. 

It is stitched on coffee/tea dyed 28 ct. evenweave.  You can’t see the fabric very well which is a bummer because it is a nice color.  I stitched with the recommended colors, I didn’t use the buttons, I stitched it instead.   Not sure how I will finish it. I am thinking I will frame this one.  I will be putting this chart up for sale. Check my stash for sale page for more information.

I picked up the floss I need for the RR that came in the mail.  It is the last one, i can’t wait to get my piece in the mail.  I already know how I am going to finish it.   It is a cute teapot. Shouldn’t take too long to finish.  Then I will go back to Japanese Garden until I get some good progress on it. 


Round Robin

This is late I know.  Feels like I have been super busy, though I’m not sure I have been.

Last week I didn’t stitch much.  I did manage to get the next RR rotation done.   It is all ready to mail.  I’ll mail it out tomorrow.  I really like the pattern, I may have to see if I can find it. I do still have gift certificate money left on 123 stitch, maybe I will use it for that. It is Spooky Time by 4 my boys- I don’t know the fabric count as it isn’t my piece.  I did the bat and the witch.   I just don’t know. I may use it for a piece of fabby for my next years HAED start.  I’m doing that on 22 ct, which I can’t get big enough here. So I will have to order it somewhere and then hand dye it. 

In other stitching news…….. I picked up Strawberry House this week. I know I am so close to a part finish on Japanese Garden. That last corner ornament is so close, but I just needed to stitch something else.  I’m not sure I will finish Strawberry house this week, but it should be close.  I really like how it is stitching up so far. I chose a tea/coffee dyed piece of fabric I did, and i’m loving how it looks.

The final part of the Round robin came in the mail  yesterday. So next week I will stitch that up and get it sent home to its owner.  I can’t wait to see how my piece turned out. I already know how I will finish it as well. 

Cincinnati chili for dinner tonight. It is in the crockpot so I’ve not much to do other than fix the toppings and make the spaghetti.  YUM!