I haven't been stitching much lately. It happens every summer. Anyways I was on vacation last week. Of course the first thing I do anytime I am out of town is search for cross stitch stores in the area. I found Cecelia's Samplers in Branson Missouri.


They mostly had samplers which aren't my thing. I only got 4 charts. I was able to get some beads and floss I needed for Earthdancer and The chatelaine I am kitting up.





I have recently acquired some stash.

The first is what my mom bought for me while I was visiting her in oklahoma.  I got some more expensive things that I normally wouldn’t buy myself, which is perfect. I am so excited to start something. I got oldfield orchard- victoria sampler, Passione Ricamo-Fairyland dreams, Cricket collection-Master and the Macabre (a tribute to edgar allen Poe) and a mill hill bead kit. I am unsure whether I will purchase the oldfield orchard thread pack or do some converting.

Oklahoma stash

The mirabilia are Cottage Garden fairy.  Then Penny was nice enough for free to include the other pattern- Deco Spirits.

bought from a yahoo group friend
Bought from a facebook group

And finally up some stash that I got for such a great price on a facebook group I just couldn’t help myself.  Spring snapperland hive- Bent creek, LHN- 6 little cardinals, LHN- garden pleasures, CCN- beach cottage, snappers easter- bent creek.

cute story- While I was in the LHN in Oklahoma with my mom; we were talking to the shop clerk as I checked out. My mom said how she wasn’t a stitcher, then asked me if this would give me something to stitch next year. To which I replied that I had enough stash to keep me busy for several years. My mom then in a perplexed manner- why I was buying more.  The shop owner said to me, “wow your mom is obviously really not a stitcher if she doesn’t understand the art of stash.

Got a few finished and my birthday

I have been on a finishing streak the past few days- I was able to get Knock Knock finished and I gave it as a gift to my sis in law who had been admiring it every time she saw me work on it.  This is my eldest niece, posing with the finished piece

Today I finished something I stitched last year-  a Christmas Sock monkey from a JCS ornament issue.   Just a simple finish but I like it

I thought my sewing machine was broke- hubby fixed it though, so YAY.  I have a few other things I want to finish- Most notably a pillow.  

I also as I hinted at in my last post- I finished another WIPocalypse piece as well as a Crazy January Challenge piece-

Coffee Crazy- Lizzy Kate. This was such a fun, simple piece. I really enjoyed it.  I did change the color in the mug to the blue that you see.  

Also yesterday was my birthday-  Here is a picture of the stash I got from the birthday club I am in-

I also have some Gift certificates from 123stitch, and some gifts still on the way

Stash and a Teapot

I finished the teapot after having to frog it twice! Never have I had such a
Problem with a chart before. Not sure what my issue was. Maybe I shouldn’t have been gawking at the guys on the tv show I was watching…. I got the envelope today and will mail it out soon as I can. Mary said she is finished with my RR I can’t wait to get it back.

I finally used 2 123 stitch gift certificates I had been saving. I got the remaining charts for 2 pieces in my stitch pile for next year. The first ones I can’t recall it’s a lizzy Kate. The other one is 6 fat snowmen.

I took this picture from my iPod as my camera is having battery issues hope it is ok. I have a hand shake and the iPod has no stabilizer sooo… No telling what you can or can’t see.

RR piece done, cheap stash

I finished my RR piece last night. I wrote out the directions to enclose today. I just have to package it up and send it out. I will do so later this week.

I won’t be showing what the other persons will be stitching. They are seasonal charts similar to the one I did. 

I have in the past few weeks found a few pattern books very cheap.   I got the Pooh book at Goodwill.  The Happy Holidays in Cross-stitch I got at a flea market while  in Hocking Hills, oh.

Today at Half Price books I found these- for 50 cents a piece. 

I got these at JoAnn’s-

I couldn’t resist the world of Cross stitching with the free Joan Elliott Oriental collection. Not only do I love Joan Elliott, but my bedroom is decorated in an oriental theme. 

Isn’t the Lily Fairy adorable?? I have 3 of the fairies I think. I am hoping the others will be for sale somewhere other than the magazine as I was unable to find the others. I am thinking they would make a nice quilt. The best part?  The magazines were on sale at Joann’s. They are all 10% off this week. 

Another Border and Stash

I finished the third border in Garden Party.  It stitched up quickly since I didn’t need to use the pattern.  I am getting tired of stitching the borders, but I’ve only one left to do- YAY.    Anyways….. Here is a picture. 

Had a really hard therapy session this week. Really needed retail therapy. So….  

 mmmm………  Aren’t the ornaments lovely??? I am looking forward to stitching them.  I’m not one for christmas decorations- for reasons that belong in the other blog not this one. At any rate.  I am tired of avoiding things that trigger, so this year I will have a christmas tree. I plan to put ornaments on it.   

I have most of the Lizzy Kate Living With Charm Double Flips.  I think I need 2 more. It may replace Garden Party when I am finished with it. Right now it is between Living With Charm, and something by Joan Elliott. That may change by the time I am finished. 

The other one is a needlebook. I have seen a stitched one at the LNS but until this visit never saw the chart. 

 Look what I found in the bookstore this week…….. It has some awesome charts in it.   The seasonal fairies, the first two elemental fairies and a buddha are what I find most interesting. 


stash and another one finished

Few months back I learned there is a LNS about 20 minutes away. This was after years of believing the nearest one was 2 hrs away.  This LNS happens to be on my way home from therapy. Needless to say it is hard to stay away. 

Here is my stash acquisition since learning of it’s existence.

  I have so far managed to stay away from the more pricey things on my wishlist.  I do *have* to get the rest of the flip-its however. After all what good are just two of them??

This week I stitched on CCN- garden party. I am so very pleased with how this is turning out. I finished the second bug- the ladybug. Just wait until you see it. It is beyond lovely.  I am thinking I will have to stitch this piece again sometime.

CCN- Garden bug

Isn’t it lovely?? 

As this is the half way point of the piece, I have begun to think about what will take it’s place in my rotation when I am finished. So many to choose from.  Really, i’m just enjoying looking through my options. I’ll change my mind a 1000 times between now and then.

I am thinking about changing my focus piece for a bit. I just don’t know.  I love JG, but I want the bugs done. It is taking forever with stitching them only once a month. If i stitched them twice a month, instead of JG twice a month- I could have them done in two months instead of four.  But then I am adoring JG right now. And i’m so wanting to finish it so I can start chinese.  Of course nobody said I have to finish one before I start the other.  Really I just need the money to buy the kit for chinese. 

Then if I toss out the HAED for a bit I could stitch two weeks on each. But then I don’t want to do that, because I do enjoy the HAED, and it is a meaningful piece to me.   Decisions, decisions.  

On another note I am working on a how-to for how I dye fabric.  I decided to do it spur of the moment when I was dyeing a piece of fabric for an exchange.   I can’t share it though until said exchange is received.

Next weeks goal-  Finish the last two branches of Japanese Garden, maybe start the corner ornaments?  Oh and order the bead pack for JG.  I’ve determined it is cheaper than buying them separate. 


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