E-reader cover

This is not a cross-stitch entry. That’s okay though. My blog my rules.  I just wanted to share-

I have a nook. I love my nook. What I don’t love are the prices of the cases. Unlike my nexus, I don’t need a fancy cover that protects it from dropping, as I never drop my nook.  I bought a pattern a few years ago. First time I made it I followed the instructions as written. It was okay but I was never quite happy with it.

This time I did what I do with everything else, I changed it to suit me.  I left out the pockets. I used only 1 fabric. I also used sew on velcro for the closure and added the button for decoration. I am quite pleased with it this time.  Best of all I used a dark fabric that won’t show the dirt as much.

nook cover insideNook cover


A pillow and a purse

I finally finished the pillow. Once I sat down to do it, it only took a short time. I am so proud- it is my first pillow- It’s so cute.  As a bonus I used some stash fabric. Doesn’t that mean I get to buy more?

Purse front

Purse back- pocket.

This purse I made after I came across a website- LazyGirl Designs. It is a small purse to just take for short trips. I like to carry it with the diaper bag, as Troy’s stuff goes in the diaper bag- and my few items go in this.  It was easy to make and I used fabric I already had from a quilt project.

I have some other patterns from LazyGirlDesigns that I can’t wait to start.  Different things will be used as christmas gifts. 


sewing stuff

Today’s plan is to finish the quilt. I should be able to, hopefully, maybe.

I washed the remaining fabric for the teddy bear quilt, and ironed what I washed yesterday. So that is all ready to go. I am not following the color scheme they used.

Our pirate quilt fabric came in the mail yesterday. All I am waiting for is the backing fabric. That should be here in a few days. Then I can start that one as well. I am using the exact fabrics shown.

In addition to the two quilts, I have a cute wall hanging I am going to do, plus a baby carrier I am going to make. The one we want costs nearly 60$ online, no way am I going to pay that when it is just as easy to make it. Course the wall hanging I am doing in blue as well. The baby carrier, you can see the one I am going to do here

So as you see I have lots of sewing to do. I’d like to get as much of it done sooner than later, as we grow bigger, we may not be able to reach the sewing machine very well.