Japanese Garden update-and an RR

I think I will make you all wait until the end of the post to see the picture. Honestly how many of you just scrolled down without reading first???

In my last posts comments Meari asked about how I  post pictures from my ipod to my blog.  The photos won’t ever be the best so if you have another way to do it, I would suggest it. The ipod doesn’t take the best photos.  I downloaded the free blogger app to my ipod.  It is very easy. I just take the picture and then create a post using the app and add it in. Very very easy. I also sometimes take a picture with my phone- which takes better pictures- then email it to myself and add it to my blog using my ipod.  Reason being my phone doesn’t have blogger app and my ipod does. 

I got the border started on JG.  I didn’t get too much done though. I mostly stitch on the week days not the weekend.  I plan to work on this exclusively through the end of the year. Maybe I can get the border nearly done. I will have to get some more rainbow gallery PTB gold.  I only ever bought one for some reason. Definitely going to need another.  I have a few other things I need threadwise.   I will see if michigandoctor on ebay has any. I order thread from her when possible- it is cheap, and the service is great.

In other news- I got my RR back today. It looks wonderful. Thanks to all who stitched on it.  I got the chart online free from a blog. I have the info but it is upstairs so I will edit this post to add that info and a link to that blog tomorrow.   I plan to finish this as a pillow.  

I can’t think of anything else to say- so I guess I will post the picture you all want to see………



Strawberry House Finish

My weekly update is late this week. I have a good reason though I promise…. A Finish! 
Yup that’s right. I finished Strawberry House by LHN.  It took a bit over a week to finish it.  It was a fun, easy, quick stitch. 

It is stitched on coffee/tea dyed 28 ct. evenweave.  You can’t see the fabric very well which is a bummer because it is a nice color.  I stitched with the recommended colors, I didn’t use the buttons, I stitched it instead.   Not sure how I will finish it. I am thinking I will frame this one.  I will be putting this chart up for sale. Check my stash for sale page for more information.

I picked up the floss I need for the RR that came in the mail.  It is the last one, i can’t wait to get my piece in the mail.  I already know how I am going to finish it.   It is a cute teapot. Shouldn’t take too long to finish.  Then I will go back to Japanese Garden until I get some good progress on it. 


Round Robin

This is late I know.  Feels like I have been super busy, though I’m not sure I have been.

Last week I didn’t stitch much.  I did manage to get the next RR rotation done.   It is all ready to mail.  I’ll mail it out tomorrow.  I really like the pattern, I may have to see if I can find it. I do still have gift certificate money left on 123 stitch, maybe I will use it for that. It is Spooky Time by 4 my boys- I don’t know the fabric count as it isn’t my piece.  I did the bat and the witch.   I just don’t know. I may use it for a piece of fabby for my next years HAED start.  I’m doing that on 22 ct, which I can’t get big enough here. So I will have to order it somewhere and then hand dye it. 

In other stitching news…….. I picked up Strawberry House this week. I know I am so close to a part finish on Japanese Garden. That last corner ornament is so close, but I just needed to stitch something else.  I’m not sure I will finish Strawberry house this week, but it should be close.  I really like how it is stitching up so far. I chose a tea/coffee dyed piece of fabric I did, and i’m loving how it looks.

The final part of the Round robin came in the mail  yesterday. So next week I will stitch that up and get it sent home to its owner.  I can’t wait to see how my piece turned out. I already know how I will finish it as well. 

Cincinnati chili for dinner tonight. It is in the crockpot so I’ve not much to do other than fix the toppings and make the spaghetti.  YUM!


RR piece done, cheap stash

I finished my RR piece last night. I wrote out the directions to enclose today. I just have to package it up and send it out. I will do so later this week.

I won’t be showing what the other persons will be stitching. They are seasonal charts similar to the one I did. 

I have in the past few weeks found a few pattern books very cheap.   I got the Pooh book at Goodwill.  The Happy Holidays in Cross-stitch I got at a flea market while  in Hocking Hills, oh.

Today at Half Price books I found these- for 50 cents a piece. 

I got these at JoAnn’s-

I couldn’t resist the world of Cross stitching with the free Joan Elliott Oriental collection. Not only do I love Joan Elliott, but my bedroom is decorated in an oriental theme. 

Isn’t the Lily Fairy adorable?? I have 3 of the fairies I think. I am hoping the others will be for sale somewhere other than the magazine as I was unable to find the others. I am thinking they would make a nice quilt. The best part?  The magazines were on sale at Joann’s. They are all 10% off this week. 

RR piece

Mylene- That is not a new Cathy Kelly book- it was published back in ’06.
Rhonda- I don’t know what I will stitch next. I have a few in the running but time only will tell.
Julie- you win the knowledge that you guessed correctly. What better prize could there be??

Julie guessed correctly, the last bug is a butterfly. 

For anyone curious to see my RR choice— Here is the chart I am stitching.   It is a freebie chart from http://www.mankaminta.blogspot.com.  While you can see what the other charts look like if you browse that site, I hope you will wait to be surprised for those of you who are on the recieving end of this RR.  I will be letting everyone choose the colors they use, as the chart came with no key.   I only will be sending the color for the birdhouse as I want that to look consistent throughout the piece. The remainder will be up to each stitcher. I don’t even care if they follow the color suggestion in the chart.   Ignore that scissor fob chart. It is only the bigger chart.

I am all ready to start stitching tomorrow. I can’t wait to start.  


Third Garden Party Bug Done

It’s so close now, I can taste it.  I have the third bug done- a bumblebee. While he is cute, the dragonfly is still my favorite.  One more bug to go- any guess on what it is?? 

Anyways here is the third bug- Sorry about the shadow it was a cloudy day-

A picture of all three.   Apologies for the wrinkles I haven’t had a chance to iron it yet. 

You think i’m going to say next week is JG, and it is technically but…………………..

I joined a RR so— I am stitching that next week.  I think I will wait until my part is done before I share it.   Until then you will just have to wait.