WIPocalypse update- January 2012

The first WIPocalypse update.  If you haven’t heard of it or signed up you have until the end of January so hop on over here

Since I am also participating in a modified version of the Crazy January Challenge, I have lots of stuff to show this month.  It won’t be this way every month.

 A Trio Of Angels-Harmony- Cross stitcher August ’08

6.  Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott

7. Crabby all year- Raise The Roof- am stitching these separate. Will count a finish as each individual month. My plan is to get the first month done. 

8. Springtime Serenade-CCN

9.  Hop Squared-LK

10.  Coffee Crazy-LK- will count a finish as one of the three designs, have yet to decide which one

13. Joy Love Peace- CCN

14. Dogs Leave Paw Prints-LK  Finished 1/5/12


Two starts and a finish

I’ve really enjoyed the daily new start even though I spent the first few days frogging. Today marks the halfway point for me as I’m only doing ten.

Day 4- springtime serenade- country cottage needleworks.
I really enjoyed this one. It is dreary and overcast here in Ohio, it was wonderful to do something cheery and springy. This is probably the first Piece I will come back to when the challenge is over.

Day 5-coffee crazy- Lizzy Kate
today I got a late start. I had meant to stitch while I was out at the library. I forgot my qsnap. So I stitched tonight. This is a fun stitch. It’s small and cute and has a spot ready in the kitchen.

That brings us to the finish. First finish of the year. It’s a small one but
Important to me. I’ve had it since shortly after I lost Mallow. I just haven’t been able to pick it up. Here it is. This also has a spot ready.

Dogs leave paw prints- Lizzy Kate, 28 ct coffee/tea dyed evenweave. Stitche with DMc except doghouse.

Crazy January challenge days 1-2

I must confess, u started day 1 in December. I needed something small and simply to stitch at the library in Friday. It perfectly fit the bill So my day one is nearly done

Dogs leave paw prints Lizzy Kate 28 ct hand coffee/tea dyed evenweave used all DMc except the dog house which I left as charted.

Today I stitched on snowflake serenade I really enjoyed this one. Wintery but not Christmassy. I was pleased with my progress too. Until I photographed it. It all has to be redone. I have the fabric turned the wrong way. I’m such a dumbass. Clearly I was paying no attention when that happened. Snowflake serenade. CCN. 28 ct evenweave.