As part of a facebook group I am participating in a HAED stitch a long. I haven’t had any of my HAED’s out in quite awhile. While I was looking for them and deciding which one I am stitching on this year…… I thought maybe you all would like to see which ones I have.  I’ll spare you talk of the upteen hundred charts I have and just stick to the ones I have started.


 I thought I would start with my furthest along. This is Mistress of Wolves by Jessica Galbreth (retired pattern), 28ct, 1×1 full crosses.  I have 5 of 16 pages stitched. This was my first HAED. I did most of this stitching at a very dark time in my life. Since leaving that dark period I have lost all interest in stitching this. However I only have 4 1/2 full pages and the rest are partial pages. I may just finish the top half and not stitch the bottom. I haven’t decided.  

 This one is one of the 2 I may stitch on this year. I simply love the colors.  This is Robin Blue Mermaid by Nadia Tate. Sky Blue Jobelan, 25 ct. 2×1 tent stitch


 This is Visions. Also by Jessica Galbreth. I love this pattern.  It’s about 1/2 page worth. It’s 28 ct 2×1 tent stitch

This is what I will probably stitch. It’s Dragonflies Whisper by Ching Chou Kuik. I adore dragonflies and they remind me of someone no longer alive.  This is the only one that I have fully kitted as well. This is about 1/3 a page. It is stitched 2×1 on 22 ct.  Sorry about the photo quality. January in Ohio is not good for taking photos. 
So which is your favorite?  Of course like any HAED collector, I have a million other patterns to start as well as a large wishlist.  

2011 wrap up

2011 was a good year for me stitching wise. I did a great job on my To-do list. I finished all but 2 things. Those two things I knew would be a stretch to get done.

I started and finished the Garden series by Country cottage Needlework. I have it ready to take to frame shop soon as possible. I gave up finding a frame second hand, it’s just too odd a shape.

You’ll have to take my word that I participated in 4 exchanges- I don’t have pictures of most of them. I did get an few memorable things.  A pair of valentines day socks (I LOVE funky socks), Snowflake Serenade chart, and my first Round robin.

Do 2 ornaments-

Although I didn’t finish this as an ornament it is an ornament.  Came out of the Halloween issue of JCS from 2011.  

 Also not technically an ornament, but again I am okay with that. I was going to do this as an ornament….. then along came a Round robin and well….. You can see the finish product not to far down here.

Start and finish 1 additional small

This was in my To do pile for awhile. I got it in an exchange a few years back.  I loved every moment of stitching this. 

Finish 1 page of Japanese Garden
Finish Stitching on Japanese Garden (I added this goal part way through the year)

I way over accomplished the first goal of stitching a page.   Pages are hard to count on this one as it is stitched in parts…… but. anyways.   Part way through the year I added the goal of completing the stitching, but that just didn’t happen.  I am still so very pleased with this one.   My big goal for 2012 is to get this stitched and beaded. 

3 pages on Mistress or another HAED- has to be on 1 design not a combination.

  What to say on this final goal………. I intended this to be my focus piece for 2011, but that just didn’t happen.  I stitched most of this piece during a very difficult, painful part of my life.  And i’ve moved on from that, so stitching this became very hard, and took me back to that past which I don’t have a desire or need to revisit. I am unsure whether I will stitch the rest of this or just the top half of the design. 

Two projects to show

As I said last time, i had a sick toddler.  I’m sure you can gather I had no stitching time while he was sick. Then the week before that was my birthday, hubby’s birthday and our anniversary.  (what an expensive week that always is)  So I haven’t gotten a lot of stitching done lately.

First up is Mistress of Wolves-HAED. I have a page finish- YAY- my 5th page finish out of 16. 

I so wish I could say that I got the corner ornament done, and as you will see I am so close!!!! 

I also noticed that on ornament 3 I forgot the bit around the outside oops.   Least I see it now and not when I think I am done with them! 

I have to break with my rotation to stitch a RR. But then I will be right back to JG. 


Weekly update- cleaning advice

I didn’t get my goal last week. I wanted to get the page done, but I fell short.   Not too short, but still short. That’s okay there is always next time.  Here is an update.  I know hard to tell I did anything right?  

If you look you can see that it needs washed.  So anyone have advice? I’m thinking of putting it in a small pan of water with a few drops of dawn.  It’s all DMC so that should be okay right??

This week I am stitching on Garden Party. In fact I plan on stitching every spare moment this week. If I do that, I should be able to get it finished. YAY. I am so excited.   You’ll have to excuse my lack of participation in groups this week.


Japanese Garden- Corner ornament

I nearly finished the first corner ornament. I have a bit left to do on the very outside. I decided to hold off until next week for that.

As per the previous post- the urge to get Mistress out was strong so I did.  I spent part of my stitching time today moving the thread from the floss card thing- like come in kits- to floss bags, so that took up some time. I am much happier with stitching that way though so it was time well spent.  I did manage to finish a row- yay me.

Julie I wish I had finished the 3 page HAED goal for the year but I haven’t. I do have 1/2 page done- which is better than nothing, but that’s okay.

On another note here is a cute picture of Troy playing a computer game- basically a bash the keys and animals and letters pop up, but he loves it-


thanks everyone and blah blah

Thanks everyone for the thoughts and well wishes.  After therapy today I do feel somewhat better. I do need to keep my focus on rest and whatnot, and away from emails, so I am staying no mail in my groups for a bit longer. Well maybe on all groups but one. Haven’t decided yet.   Carolyn (Therapist) told me to sit on that thought overnight. 

On the stitching front— I worked some on JG this past week. I have the stitching on the corner ornament finished, still have the specialty stitches to go.   Looks good though.

Those of you who have been reading awhile, may recall Mistress….

a reminder of the finished project

Page wise I have more than half of the full size ones done-  6 1/2 full pages complete, 4 1/2 full pages to do. Then I have 7 part pages to do.   I had put this away as I got burnt out on it. But the urge is back.  I’m thinking of getting her back out.   I got so tired of all the grays and browns, not to mention the confetti. OOOYY! The entire piece is confetti stitching. Anyways, back out she comes.  I may stitch her right away, I may do the specialty stitches on JG for a bit. Just don’t know.
  What I do know is that I won’t meet my goal on JG for the year.   It is a HAED goal, but it was 3 full pages. With it being nearly august, I would have to stitch solely on Mistress to get that goal accomplished and I do enjoy my rotation. So I will……….. I dunno what I will do.   What I need to do is just finish the Garden Party. If I work on it a week and a half It will be finished. Then I could alternate mistress and JG for the rest of the year. Course I want to do a few christmas ornaments and what about halloween, and there you see my problem, I think it is the problem of every stitcher.   Oh plus there is the RR, so ya. Guess I’ll play it by ear, see what happens.   


New Stand

Nathan made me a cross-stitch stand for christmas. It is great.  It is a lap stand just like I wanted. It makes it so much easier to stitch. I will probably use it mainly for large projects as I don’t mind stitching with just a qsnap for smaller things. Anyways although I only stitched for about 3 hours this week, sad I know, I managed about 400 stitches.

Please excuse the toys and whatnot in the pictures. 

Here is an update on Mistress as well.


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