A finish and some feathers

I finally got back to stitching after about a month. I can't wait for April to be over, exactly 2 weeks after my pap died, my father in law died.

On a brighter note, I finished my first mill hill kit. I didn't really like the perforated paper, but I did enjoy stitching this, and especially adding the beads. Next time I think I will stitch it on evenweave.

Anyone who has stitched this or has this will notice that I left out the background mountain and stuff at the bottom right. I simply disliked it and felt it took away from the owl. The kit was also missing one color the brown, which I disliked the color so I picked my own brown.



I worked a bit on Earthdancer as well. I was able to stitch the wisp Of hair and the feathers at the top of her head.mnext time I hope to complete her face.







WIPocalypse March

I've made good progress in the past month with my 3 current WIPs.


dragonflies whisper, my HAED is coming along great.









Here is my Earthdancer.



Last up is a new small. Last month I finished mr. Monster, this month I started my first mill hill kit- night owl. I'm not sure I like the perforated paper. I hate stitching in hand.







Also I finished up mr. Monster. My son picked the finish. I wanted to add a bow to hide the seam but he didn't so…


Don't mind the pink hook. It won't come off the door without tearing the door.


Question of month. If money weren't an object what would be on your stitching bucket list.


I would have all the chatelaines if money weren't an object. I am in love with them.


My first mill hill kit

This is my small rotation. I started something new this week as last month I finished Mr. Monster.
Can you believe this is my first mill hill kit? Although I have seen many I have liked, never did I like one enough to pay the price for one. When I saw this owl however…Well I had to have it.
I stitch in a frame that holds my snaps that hubby made for me. Perforated paer however doesn't fit in a snap, so I stitched this in hand. I think that is the reason why I like how it looks though I did not really enjoy the stitching. I hate stitching I hand. So my goal for next month is to find a way fit make this work in a frame.mi have an idea. Not sure though. I'll still finish this as I love the owl. If I can't find a way to make this work in a frame, this will be my only mill hill kit.
Anyone else not like mill hill kits as they don't like perforated paper?