WIPocalypse 12

Forgive the lateness of this.  With a hubby still recovering and a 2yr old very active little boy…….. well you get the idea.

Although I’m further now on Japanese Garden I am going to show the photo as of when I should have posted this.  For a current update you’ll have to wait until the next update (assuming the world doesn’t end right?)

I finished my goal on Crabby all year long for this challenge.. Month 1- January. I am happy with how it turned out.. though I think i am going to move that top bird to on top of the car.  I am stitching each month on separate fabby.

I also finished Joy Love Peace.  I love this as well. It is upstairs in the process of being finished. My son has already asked for it to be in his room. He loves Christmas trees.    Although I have discovered it doesn’t line up I am okay with that. It adds personality right?

My final update is Japanese Garden. I am quite happy with how it is going. I finally finished that outer border this past month. WOOHOO.



A Finish

I had another finish today.  I’m pleased with how it turned out, though if I stitch it again I will change one of the colors.  I thought about changing it, but just didn’t want to frog what I had already done.

Joy Love Peace- CCN-Mystery pink fabric, 2×2

It was really hard to get a decent photo of this.  The fabby is actually a pale pink, and you can’t really see them but there are white birds at the top by the star and two snowflakes below the birds.  If I stitched it again, I would change the mauve, to a more pink, or perhaps a purple or blue. Still it was a quick and fun stitch.

I was originally going to stitch it as an ornament, but it is a bit big for that, so I’m not sure how I will finish it.  I may do an ornament finish but hang it on the wall instead of the tree.

This was also one of my Crazy January challenge pieces as well as a WIPocalypse. 

WIPocalypse update- January 2012

The first WIPocalypse update.  If you haven’t heard of it or signed up you have until the end of January so hop on over here

Since I am also participating in a modified version of the Crazy January Challenge, I have lots of stuff to show this month.  It won’t be this way every month.

 A Trio Of Angels-Harmony- Cross stitcher August ’08

6.  Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott

7. Crabby all year- Raise The Roof- am stitching these separate. Will count a finish as each individual month. My plan is to get the first month done. 

8. Springtime Serenade-CCN

9.  Hop Squared-LK

10.  Coffee Crazy-LK- will count a finish as one of the three designs, have yet to decide which one

13. Joy Love Peace- CCN

14. Dogs Leave Paw Prints-LK  Finished 1/5/12

Cjc- day 6 and 7

Day 6 brought a piece I have been wanting to start for awhile now. Joan Elliott- fire goddess. This is
Likely to be a piece I return to quickly.

I dyed the fabric myself. I love the
Colors of this so far. Oranges. A color I don’t stitch with much.

Day 7- today brought a small project. One I just was bore with quickly. It’s a Christmas ornament so I’m not bothered that it bores me. By September I’ll be wanting to pick this up. It will likely sit until then.

CCN- Joy peace love