Fire Goddess dress

I’ve been working on Fire Goddess the past few weeks. I finally have a page finish. The third of four pages, minus the beading and backstitch.


I am pleased with how it looks and may just have a few big finishes in 2014.



In other news I am working on my stitch list for 2014. Anyone else? I just have to collect what few threads I need, and get my fabric ready to go.


WIPocalypse 11

Well I didn’t get much stitching done this past month-  My husband had emergency surgery and was in the hospital for 8 days.  He nearly died, and I have been so busy that stitching just hasn’t happened.  But here is what I did get done-

Fire Goddess-

WIPocalypse 10

It’s been a long time since I updated. I have a job though and didn’t have time through the summer as I figured out a new routine for me and the family.

I am back to stitching though-

Here is where I am with stitching-

I finished Springtime Serenade-

Springtime Serenade- CCN- 28ct evenweave- coffee/tea dyed

I also finished Coffee Crazy. This was such a fun easy stitch.   I did change the color charted in the mug to the blue.  

Coffee Crazy- Lizzy Kate- 28ct coffee dyed evenweave

And last but certainly not least- I finally got the sparkly threads I needed for this,  I did the sparkly stitches in her hair, necklace, and belt.

Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott, 28 ct, hand dyed evenweave

WIPocalypse 3

Well it’s that time again.  I haven’t much of an update really.  I have a good reason though I promise.  I got a part time job.  Between that and Troy, well life is busy.  I am stitching about 2-3 days a week.  Depending on how many off days I have.

Anyways.  Here is what I worked on this past month-

Still plugging away at the border on Japanese Garden- I’m burnt out on it. But I’ve not much more to go now….

I got a good bit done on Springtime Serenade.  When I last left off- there was only one Tree mostly done.   I am really enjoying this one.

 Fire Goddess. I also am loving this piece. I just love the colors in this.  I have a few gift certificates to spend for 123 stitch. I am going to use them to get the Kreinik and the beads for this piece.  Can’t wait to add the Kreinik to what is already stitched. 

WIPocalypse 2

It’s that time again folks.  WIPocalypse update 2.  I am qFireuite pleased with my progress this past month.   I stitched on a few projects and finished  2.

Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott- 28 ct hand dyed evenweave
 Lizzy Kate- Hop Squared- Hand dyed Aida received in an exchange- finished
 Shades of Autumn-from nancy’s needle- 18 ct canvas- Finished
 Japanese Garden- Chatelaine- 28 ct cashel linen midnight blue

Now for my regularly scheduled update- I ended up stitching on Shades of Autumn last week and it is finished.  I am so very pleased with how it turned out.   It only took 3 years to finish, but that isn’t the point is it?  Hubby loves this one and wants to hang it in the hall, who am I to argue with that. 

Today I got out Japanese Garden. My goal is to get the border finished, whether that is possible I have no idea, but i’ll give it a good try. 

Fire Goddess

I added a few new charts to my For sale page- the link to the page is on one of the tabs above.

I forgot to mention last week that I had a small finish.  It was a small- a tiny really, that I work on when I am out.  I plan to get some fabric for it in the next few weeks- So I can finish it before Easter. I am unsure what it is stitched on. A piece of Aida, hand-dyed a wonderful light Yellow that I received in an exchange. Oh and if you have this chart you’ll recognize I didn’t stitch the green border at the top, I didn’t like it. 

Lizzy Kate- Hop squared.  unknown yellow Aida.

Onto this week………

I am quite pleased with my stitching this week. I stitched on Fire Goddess by Joan Elliott. I am loving this project so far, The colors, the stitching- just everything about it. 

Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott, hand-dyed 28 ct.

 I am missing some threads still- that is the waist area that is unstitched. I have to order them, and haven’t gotten to it yet. 

I am hoping to get some finishing done tonight. I have a pile of things waiting to be finished.  I finally picked out fabric and decided what to do for some of them.  Hopefully I’ll have another post this week showing some of them off.

I am unsure what I am stitching this coming week. I’ll go with whatever calls to me tomorrow.  Whether it is Shades of Autumn or Springtime Serenade remains to be seen.

WIPocalypse update- January 2012

The first WIPocalypse update.  If you haven’t heard of it or signed up you have until the end of January so hop on over here

Since I am also participating in a modified version of the Crazy January Challenge, I have lots of stuff to show this month.  It won’t be this way every month.

 A Trio Of Angels-Harmony- Cross stitcher August ’08

6.  Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott

7. Crabby all year- Raise The Roof- am stitching these separate. Will count a finish as each individual month. My plan is to get the first month done. 

8. Springtime Serenade-CCN

9.  Hop Squared-LK

10.  Coffee Crazy-LK- will count a finish as one of the three designs, have yet to decide which one

13. Joy Love Peace- CCN

14. Dogs Leave Paw Prints-LK  Finished 1/5/12

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