3 Framed Pieces, cirque update

I know it has been a long time.  My computer was broken so all my updates had to be through my tablet. It was a pain in the butt to try to get photos on it from my camera.

Anyways. I have been collecting frames for awhile now for these pieces. I have about 7 frames.  Here is the first 3 to get frames…

Crabby all year- January

Garden Bugs- Country Cottage Needleworks

Coffee Crazy- Lizzy Kate

Cirque Des Circles

I plan to use that same frame for all the crabby months. I am stitching each separately and will change them out.

I found all the frames at used stores and refinished them with spray paint and a sanding block.

I recently was in the smoky mountains. Here is the stash I acquired while there-


2011 wrap up

2011 was a good year for me stitching wise. I did a great job on my To-do list. I finished all but 2 things. Those two things I knew would be a stretch to get done.

I started and finished the Garden series by Country cottage Needlework. I have it ready to take to frame shop soon as possible. I gave up finding a frame second hand, it’s just too odd a shape.

You’ll have to take my word that I participated in 4 exchanges- I don’t have pictures of most of them. I did get an few memorable things.  A pair of valentines day socks (I LOVE funky socks), Snowflake Serenade chart, and my first Round robin.

Do 2 ornaments-

Although I didn’t finish this as an ornament it is an ornament.  Came out of the Halloween issue of JCS from 2011.  

 Also not technically an ornament, but again I am okay with that. I was going to do this as an ornament….. then along came a Round robin and well….. You can see the finish product not to far down here.

Start and finish 1 additional small

This was in my To do pile for awhile. I got it in an exchange a few years back.  I loved every moment of stitching this. 

Finish 1 page of Japanese Garden
Finish Stitching on Japanese Garden (I added this goal part way through the year)

I way over accomplished the first goal of stitching a page.   Pages are hard to count on this one as it is stitched in parts…… but. anyways.   Part way through the year I added the goal of completing the stitching, but that just didn’t happen.  I am still so very pleased with this one.   My big goal for 2012 is to get this stitched and beaded. 

3 pages on Mistress or another HAED- has to be on 1 design not a combination.

  What to say on this final goal………. I intended this to be my focus piece for 2011, but that just didn’t happen.  I stitched most of this piece during a very difficult, painful part of my life.  And i’ve moved on from that, so stitching this became very hard, and took me back to that past which I don’t have a desire or need to revisit. I am unsure whether I will stitch the rest of this or just the top half of the design. 

Garden Party FINISHED

I simply couldn’t wait until my weekly sunday update. So here it is, just finished this morning.   I’m so excited by how it looks.   It was a fun stitch, though the border did get tiring by the fourth time.

I still like the dragonfly best, but then I do have a thing for dragonflies so……

The ladybug is my next favorite. So cute!

I love the blue flowers around the bumblebee

I had to frog twice on the butterfly. Those antenna, what a pain. Beginner mistake! 

Are you out of patience yet??

Garden Party- CCN- 28ct white evenweave. 1/1/11-8/5/11

I already have a spot picked out for it. I will start shopping goodwill for a frame. 

Now to decide what to put in it’s spot………………. you will have to wait until sunday to find out.


Weekly update- cleaning advice

I didn’t get my goal last week. I wanted to get the page done, but I fell short.   Not too short, but still short. That’s okay there is always next time.  Here is an update.  I know hard to tell I did anything right?  

If you look you can see that it needs washed.  So anyone have advice? I’m thinking of putting it in a small pan of water with a few drops of dawn.  It’s all DMC so that should be okay right??

This week I am stitching on Garden Party. In fact I plan on stitching every spare moment this week. If I do that, I should be able to get it finished. YAY. I am so excited.   You’ll have to excuse my lack of participation in groups this week.


Third Garden Party Bug Done

It’s so close now, I can taste it.  I have the third bug done- a bumblebee. While he is cute, the dragonfly is still my favorite.  One more bug to go- any guess on what it is?? 

Anyways here is the third bug- Sorry about the shadow it was a cloudy day-

A picture of all three.   Apologies for the wrinkles I haven’t had a chance to iron it yet. 

You think i’m going to say next week is JG, and it is technically but…………………..

I joined a RR so— I am stitching that next week.  I think I will wait until my part is done before I share it.   Until then you will just have to wait.

Small Japanese Garden update

Althought I didn’t get done nearly what I wanted to last week, I did get some done- And i love how it is looking.

I only stitched 2 days, then spent 1/2 another afternoon frogging a lantern. 

This week I should finish the third Garden Party bug-  A bumblebee.  

I also have an update on my decisions for the wedding sampler- Look for that later this week.

Another Border and Stash

I finished the third border in Garden Party.  It stitched up quickly since I didn’t need to use the pattern.  I am getting tired of stitching the borders, but I’ve only one left to do- YAY.    Anyways….. Here is a picture. 

Had a really hard therapy session this week. Really needed retail therapy. So….  

 mmmm………  Aren’t the ornaments lovely??? I am looking forward to stitching them.  I’m not one for christmas decorations- for reasons that belong in the other blog not this one. At any rate.  I am tired of avoiding things that trigger, so this year I will have a christmas tree. I plan to put ornaments on it.   

I have most of the Lizzy Kate Living With Charm Double Flips.  I think I need 2 more. It may replace Garden Party when I am finished with it. Right now it is between Living With Charm, and something by Joan Elliott. That may change by the time I am finished. 

The other one is a needlebook. I have seen a stitched one at the LNS but until this visit never saw the chart. 

 Look what I found in the bookstore this week…….. It has some awesome charts in it.   The seasonal fairies, the first two elemental fairies and a buddha are what I find most interesting. 


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