The frog strikes

I spent most of naptime today frogging.  What did I frog you ask?? Half of the border of Garden Party.  I’m not sure you can tell on the picture……. The bottom was off a stitch. I had to frog it of course as it is the border. It is all frogged. I should still have enough floss to finish the border it will be close though. 

Note to self- check during progress of border to be sure it isn’t off. Then I won’t have to frog so  much.



Frog Visit

I spent the evening watching house and stitching happily on my Halloween ornie.


I realized my counting was off in her face.  So I spent the rest of the evening frogging it all out.

Waste of an evening.   

I will post a picture tomorrow.

Computer issues

I am having computer problems. They should be fixed this week. Stitching has taken a back seat to dealing with the issue.

Tried to do some of JG today but the waves at the bottom of the tori center in the petite braid are giving me issues. It is over 2 but some of the stitches are half back stitches and it is messing my counting all up. After frogging 4 times I gave up.

Frogging- Sigh

I noticed last night a big issue with a color in her hair. You can’t really tell in the previous WIP I shared. Turns out that I used the wrong color, so… a frogging I went. It took most of last evening to fix, but now that it is done, it looks much better.

I should have the face finished later today.