Halloween finish-spider’s garden

I finished this 2 nights ago. I love how it turned out. It's spider's garden from the Halloween 2012 issue of JCS. You'll notice I did slightly change it. I left out the silver beads. I thought they took away from the web. Otherwise I stitched this as charted on 28 ct.evenweave that I hand dyed.

Speaking of Halloween, guess what I finally have finish finished? 6 bats. You can't tell here but the background fabric is spider webs. A tiny bit of the glue is showing on that right side and I'm okay with the lack of perfection.



A finish and some feathers

I finally got back to stitching after about a month. I can't wait for April to be over, exactly 2 weeks after my pap died, my father in law died.

On a brighter note, I finished my first mill hill kit. I didn't really like the perforated paper, but I did enjoy stitching this, and especially adding the beads. Next time I think I will stitch it on evenweave.

Anyone who has stitched this or has this will notice that I left out the background mountain and stuff at the bottom right. I simply disliked it and felt it took away from the owl. The kit was also missing one color the brown, which I disliked the color so I picked my own brown.



I worked a bit on Earthdancer as well. I was able to stitch the wisp Of hair and the feathers at the top of her head.mnext time I hope to complete her face.






6 bats and black cat finished- plus a few finished items-

This is something that I stitched last year. It was a quick easy stitch that I enjoyed doing. It was also my first beading. I got around to doing this simple quick pillow finish recently. I may add some runched ribbon around the outside at some later date, I may not. I haven’t decided yet.

It is LHN- snowy pines 28ct. tea dyed evenweave. Stitched as charted.


This I also stitched last year.  It is Crabby all year- February by Raise The Roof. I am stitching these all separate. I am using one frame and switching them out as months change. I hope to get March and April stitched this year


This is my final floss toss for Lizzy Kate’s snowmen/belles. Awhile back I saw a small group of people who had decided to stitch them all together. I decided to do the same. It took me awhile to get a pattern charted that has all the designs on it and looked right to me. I hope to start this sometime this year.


Up next is this weeks project- 6 bats and a black cat.  It is a little late for last halloween-oops. But it IS early for this halloween. I really enjoyed stitching this and love how it turned out. I did make a few mistakes/changes. I used all green for the pumpkin stems and accidently made the house a little too big.  I haven’t decided how to finish this yet, and likely won’t until halloween gets closer.

6 bats and a Black cat- blue ribbon designs- 2012 Halloween collector’s issue of Just Cross stitch. 32ct hand dyed jobelyn. 2 over 1.


This coming week is Chatelaine week. I hope to get that pesky 6 O’clock crane stitched properly and most of the rest of the 6 o’clock bridge finished.

HAED update, TUSAL, final framed finish

Long time no post. Sorry about that. You know how life gets in the way. I have been stitching a fair amount, and have a page finish on my Haed. Dragonflies whisper. It is also my yearly goal. Though it is only August so I hope to get a bit more done before years end. This is the first year I hit my HAED goal. I attribute it to finally finding the combination that works for me.  22ct, 2×1, tent stitch.  I just wish I had experimented more earlier on and not let what others used and said about tent stitching influence me.

I also included a photo of what it will look like someday, since this still isn’t much to look at.

HAED-Dragonflies whisper

Springtime serenade-CCN

I can’t believe I didn’t share this before but apparently I shared it everywhere but here.  My final recently framed piece. Would you believe I found the frame at goodwill?  It couldn’t fit better if I had bought it specifically for this piece. I can’t wait til it is spring so I can hang it.

Wipocalypse 2

I had lots of progress this past month. You can see links to other Wipocalypse participants or join the fun by going here.

I started cirque de couers. Despite having to frog that big heart 3 times, I managed some good progress. It is being stitched on 32 count jobelan with caron waterlillies blue Lagoon.

My mom finally received her gift so I can show you how it turned out. Took forever for me to get it just right but I’m so pleased with how it looks and so is she. cowboy dreams by CCN. I took out the pony toy the upper guy had and used beads instead of French knots.

I had another rotation on haed as well. I’m about a quarter of the way through the second page. It’s coming along nicely. dragonflies whisper by kuik on 22 count.

Last I had a restaurant that on one of last year’s Wipocalypse pieces. Snowflake serenade by CCN. I believe it is okay on a 28 count jobelan. I had to redo it as I had the fabric turned wrong. I didn’t like the mint green as charted so I have changed it to purple in the scarf and house.

WIPocalypse 1

I really enjoyed last year’s WIPocalypse even though I didn’t stitch for about 7 months of the year.  I accomplished a fair amount when I did stitch.

You will see some of the same pieces I was working on last year (Fire Goddess and Japanese Garden) as well as many new pieces.

 I already have 2 finishes. First up is Forgive Quickly.  This was a really fun and fast stitch.   I changed the charted thread to an unknown HDF. It is one that I got in an exchange and is I believe came from HDF grab bag.  This is Lizzy Kate stitched on an unknown piece of blue fabric, either 28 or 25 ct.  I am in the process of finishing finishing this.  Look for that post in a few days or so.

Next up we have Cowboy Dreams. This is a gift for my mom, who lives in Oklahoma.  It is stitched on a coffee/tea dyed piece of 28ct evenweave. It is from Country Cottage Needleworks.  I stitched it with all the recommended threads. I did substitute seed beads for the french knots. I will do that from now on as it was easy and Ithink it looks nice.  I am in the process of finishing this one as well.   Since my mom doesn’t come here I can show it. It’s my facebook she looks at so I won’t post a photo there until she receives it. (this pattern will be up for sale soon should you be interested) Sorry for the crappy photo.  I’ll get a better one when I get it finish finished. 

So that isn’t bad I don’t think. My list of what I’d like to work on this year can be found on a tab above.  But here is a list for you……..

In no particular order here is my list.I know I won’t finish the entire list and I’m okay with that.

1.  Japanese Garden- Chatelaine
2.  Dragonflies Whisper-HAED- will count a complete as 1 page

3. A Trio Of Angels-Harmony- Cross stitcher August ’08
4.  Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott
5. Cirque De Couers- Ink Circles- Will count a page as complete
6. Retro Owls- Cross-Stitcher 221
7. Sweet Treats- Cross-Stitch Collection October 2012- Will Count a finish as one gingerbread man
8.  6 bats and a black Cat- Blue Ribbon Designs
9.  6 fat men- Lizzy Kate- will count a finish as 3 snowmen
10.Crabby All Year- February- Raise The Roof 
11. Let it snow- CCN
12. Winter Fun- M Designs
13.  Never Ending Stash- 4 My Boys
14.  Snowflake Serenade- CCN
15.  Traveling Stitcher-LHN
16. Snowy Pines- LHN
17. Cowboy Dreams-CCN-started 1/14- finished 1/24
18. Sheep In the Meadow- CCN
19.  Medallion- From Nancy’s Needle
20.  Forgive Quickly- Lizzy Kate-started 1/1-finished 1/10

WIPocalypse 12

Forgive the lateness of this.  With a hubby still recovering and a 2yr old very active little boy…….. well you get the idea.

Although I’m further now on Japanese Garden I am going to show the photo as of when I should have posted this.  For a current update you’ll have to wait until the next update (assuming the world doesn’t end right?)

I finished my goal on Crabby all year long for this challenge.. Month 1- January. I am happy with how it turned out.. though I think i am going to move that top bird to on top of the car.  I am stitching each month on separate fabby.

I also finished Joy Love Peace.  I love this as well. It is upstairs in the process of being finished. My son has already asked for it to be in his room. He loves Christmas trees.    Although I have discovered it doesn’t line up I am okay with that. It adds personality right?

My final update is Japanese Garden. I am quite happy with how it is going. I finally finished that outer border this past month. WOOHOO.


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