Finishes of the year

First up in my finishes this year are 2 small pieces. These are crabby all year from Raise The Roof Designs. This is March and April. Although they were designed to be stitched on one big piece of fabric, I decided to stitch them separately so they can all share one frame. They are stitched on 28ct coffee/tea dyed even weave.


Next up We have 6 bats and a black cat. This is blue ribbons design. It is stitched on 32 ct. Jobelyn that I hand dyed. The design is published in the 2012 collectors Halloween issue of Just cross stitch magazine.


One Of my 2 BAP’s I finished this year was cirque des couers. It is from ink circles. I stitched it on the same hand dyed 32 ct Jobelyn that I used for 6 bats. I started this back in February of 2013. I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I used Caron waterlillies blue lagoon.


Last up is my chatelaine, Japanese garden.  I Couldn’t be more pleased. It is stitched on silkweaver’s Mississippi blue 28 ct Belfast. This took me over 5 years to complete.  You can see more/better photos of this in my previous entry.



Nearing Cirque completion

It’s getting close now. Which is good as I have lost interest in cirque. I am bored of the solid color. Oy.  But I am pleased with how it looks.   

I have decided to rotate Japanese Garden and Cirque weekly until both are finished.  Maybe I can have two big finishes in October.




Another Cirque update

I’m still beading away on JG. I am getting to the outside parts. I should still have it finished by my birthday in mid-october.  

In between I am still focusing on Cirque. I really want to get this done.  I think I should definitely have it done before the end of the year. 


Cirque Update- February

Last week was Cirque week. I am loving this piece. It is nice to not have any color changes. Sure helps it move along quickly, though by weeks end I am bored. Good thing for rotations. Last year I had lots of frog visits on this one. So far this year I have only had 1. If it keeps up at this pace, I will have no problems getting this finished this year.

Stitched on gray hand dyed fabric (32 ct jobelyn) with waterlilies Blue Lagoon.







This week is HAED week. I have mostly krienik to stitch this week. It is a bit fiddly to work with as most of you know.  But I like the look of it. Just takes longer.


It’s been so long since I worked on Cirque (October), I figured you may need a before photo.  This shows my progress of 2 pages completed. I thought this project would bore me with the single color. It has not however. I love watching this take shape. Not having to change colors, means progress happens fast.


This is my progress as of Saturday when I took it off my qsnaps.  I am sorry for the crappy photo. It was the best I could do on a dreary winter day in Ohio.


This week is HAED week. I have Dragonflies Whisper out and on my qsnap ready to go.

frogging over 1

Does anyone like to frog? It’s doubtful. I spent the end of last week frogging the 6 o’clock crane. I had it in upsidedown. I was so annoyed with myself. It took 2 hours to do. I did manage to get it done without ripping the material. Thank god for that.


Thus you’ll notice the lack of progress on this piece since my last picture.

This week I have Cirque out for the first time in quite a few months. I hope to make decent progress. I am looking forward to HAED week next week.

Cirque page finish

I finished page 2 of cirque des  couers. I am excited because 2 pages meets my yearly goal for this piece. WOOHOO.  Looks great too IMO.


Sorry the photo isn’t better. It wasn’t a great day for taking pictures.



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