First non-pillow finish-Cherish

Today I completed my first non-pillow finish. It is far from perfect, but I am proud and pleased with it. 

This has been sitting awaiting finishing for over a year now.  *hangs head in shame* 

I was so nervous that I would ruin the stitched piece, but I didn’t. Is it perfect no. But then neither was the stitched piece and that was okay and is still okay. 

I for the most part followed these instructions

Cherish-Lizzy Kate

Lizzy Kate proper photo

Lizzy Kate- Cherish All Living Things- 2 over 2 on 28 ct evenweave- coffee/tea hand-dyed.


I had a baby boy on February 15, he sure does keep me busy!

This is a small Lizzy Kate I have been working at on and off. It is a nice change from big projects.

Where I am currently on Mistress

This is canvaswork. I enjoy the change from cross-stitch.

I have been lately working on this Robin on and off. I love the springy colors.

I have worked not at all on Japanese Garden, but I do plan to get it out this week.