Finishes of the year

First up in my finishes this year are 2 small pieces. These are crabby all year from Raise The Roof Designs. This is March and April. Although they were designed to be stitched on one big piece of fabric, I decided to stitch them separately so they can all share one frame. They are stitched on 28ct coffee/tea dyed even weave.


Next up We have 6 bats and a black cat. This is blue ribbons design. It is stitched on 32 ct. Jobelyn that I hand dyed. The design is published in the 2012 collectors Halloween issue of Just cross stitch magazine.


One Of my 2 BAP’s I finished this year was cirque des couers. It is from ink circles. I stitched it on the same hand dyed 32 ct Jobelyn that I used for 6 bats. I started this back in February of 2013. I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I used Caron waterlillies blue lagoon.


Last up is my chatelaine, Japanese garden.  I Couldn’t be more pleased. It is stitched on silkweaver’s Mississippi blue 28 ct Belfast. This took me over 5 years to complete.  You can see more/better photos of this in my previous entry.



japanese garden finally finished

Note-I actually finished and wrote this back in October. My laptop Internet is broken. It was too big of a hassle to get the photos in through my phone. Now that I have an iPad i am playing catch up.

I’m finally finished. It took over 5 years but I did it. I am so unbelievably proud of myself. I have never completed such a big, complicated cross stitch project. This project saw so many firsts. Life has changed so much in the 5 years. It isn’t perfect either and know what? I’m more than okay with it.

Can I say I’m a chatelaine addict. I can’t wait to start my next one! For now I will bask in the glow of having it done.

28 ct Mississippi blue linen, silk weavers. Stitched as suggested, npi converted to Hdf.image

imageimageDSCN3167 DSCN3235DSCN3163DSCN3160

Last update


This will be my last weekly update on Japanese garden. Next week will see this piece finished.  You will have to wait to see a photo of the entire piece.

I can’t believe this is nearly done. I have so many mixed emotions. I’m so excited.

Japanese Garden update- getting close

I decided to work on Japanese Garden for my free week this month. I’m so close to finishing the stitching. I have the crane and one bridge/ flower set to go. I’m so excited and pleased with myself. It isn’t perfect but that’s okay.

Here is my progress last week-


You’ll have to wait for a picture of the entire piece until it is finished.

This week is the normal week for JG in my rotation. I will probably not get it entirely finished. Depending on how close I am, I may work on it next week instead of Cirque.

Haed Update- Dragonflies Whisper April 2014

I took a few weeks off from cross-stitch. Anyone else have trouble with mojo when spring comes? This year I decided to purposely take a few weeks off, in the hopes that it would help me pick it back up again. While I did take 3 weeks off, maybe a month instead of just a week, that is better than not stitching for months.

I stitched on my HAED this past week- Dragonflies whisper. I really love stitching on this. I love how it is turning out.



This is my open week, I plan to stitch my chatelaine. If you recall I am on that final side. Next week is my planned Chatelaine week, which gives me 2 weeks to work on it instead of just 1. Let’s see if I can get that final side done.

Huge Update- Haed, Cirque, Japanese Garden

Although I have been stitching, it has been just shy of a month since I last updated.  Needless to say this update will be longer than usual, and more picture heavy.

Going way back, to the beginning of April, I started a new small- Crabby april.  This should be finished next week after I stitch it. I am stitching all the crabby months separate.  I do have 2 DMC colors I need to get in order to finish it next month.


Then I had a week on Cirque. I am still making great progress on this though I did have a small frog visit.  I should still for sure have this done by end of summer if not before.  I apologize for this very crappy photo.  This was actually the best of the bunch.  The colors look terrible washed out on that photo.



Japanese Garden has a few photos this time around.  I finally bought the beads for it. I got them from European Cross stitch.  WOW that is a lot of beads.  They are so gorgeous though. I know it will be worth it in the end.  This was my first order from Cindy, I would definitely use her again. Very great service.



I not only finished the 6 O’clock side, I started the final side, 9 o’clock. The end of the stitching is in sight! I barely even need the pattern to stitch the bridge at this point. I included 2 close ups. One of the gorgeous flowers, one of the pesky crane that I had to frog and restitch. Couldn’t help but add a photo of the entire piece to date. Getting hard to take photos of the whole thing.






Last but certainly not least, My Haed- Dragonflies whisper. It is still coming along great. I am really enjoying stitching on this. This is just about 3 1/3 pages. Included photo of section I’m currently stitching as well as entire piece to date.





Japanese Garden- February update

As you may remember last months progress on JG was minimal due to my stitching the crane wrong. I had to frog the entire over 1 thing and start over.

This month my progress was MUCH more substantial. In fact, I made great progress. I not only finished the flowers and bamboo leaves on the 6 O’clock right side, I stitched the crane, AND started the bridge on the 6 O’clock left side.

I’m ordering the beads today. I’ve decided to just get the bead pack from ECS.

Other than the Viewer does anyone know how to test fabric on a chatelaine? My next chatelaine is not on the viewer yet, and I’m not sure how to go about testing. It’s time to start thinking about fabric and threads for my next one.

Sorry for the photo quality.ImageImage

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