WIPocalypse 2012- Final

Although I didn’t get everything done I had on my list I am pleased with what I did get done.   Here is what I was able to get done. 
Hop Squared- Lizzy Kate-Mystery Yellow fabric

Shades Of Autumn- From Nancy’s Needle

Springtime Serenade-Country Cottage Needlework

Coffee Crazy- Lizzy Kate

Joy Love Peace- Country Cottage Needleworks

Crabby All Year Long- January- Raise The Roof

Also on my list but not finished yet-

Fire Goddess-Joan Elliott

Dragonflies Whisper-HAED

A Trio Of Angels- Harmony-Cross Stitcher August 08
Japanese Garden- Chatelaine-

I definitely will be joining next year.




Not at much progress as I’d hoped

I never seem to get to the weekly update on Sunday. I think I will change the day I try to get it up. 

I didn’t get as much done last week as i had hoped for.  I started with good progress but then I noticed a mistake and had to frog quite a bit.  I had been hoping for a near finish  but that didn’t happen. Oh well there is always next time.  I enjoy working on this.  It is different than cross stitch. It’s a nice change sometimes.  

This week I am working on Japanese Garden. I am working on the outer border. I can’t wait to get all the Jessica stitches done so I can work on the bridges.  That won’t happen this week, but maybe next time I get it out.  I am moving along nicely though.  You’ll have to wait for my next update to see pictures. 


I had a baby boy on February 15, he sure does keep me busy!

This is a small Lizzy Kate I have been working at on and off. It is a nice change from big projects.

Where I am currently on Mistress

This is canvaswork. I enjoy the change from cross-stitch.

I have been lately working on this Robin on and off. I love the springy colors.

I have worked not at all on Japanese Garden, but I do plan to get it out this week.