Earthdancer-week 1 progress

I originally started this piece on New Year's Day as part of a new year, new start SAL with a group. However on Monday I realized I had cut my fabric wrong, there was no way to save it. Luckily I had a piece of fabric in the same color that was the proper size. Tuesday I restarted this piece. I am pleased with my progress.


Earthdancer- Butternut road

This is Earthdancer-Butternut Road. Silkweaver's Fairyland 32 ct Wexford linen.

Next week is my HAED week. I am so looking forward to some progress on Drafonflies Whisper. She hasn't been out since summer.



WIPocalypse 2015-January

I’m Angie. I’m 38, married 15 years, with a nearly 5 yr old son. I stitch about 1-2 hours a day.mNow that my son is older I sometimes stitch evenings I don’t work as well. I started stitching when I was 10ish, then took many years off until I was around 30.

Although I have participated in the past, I sat out last year. I am participating in WIPocalypse this year. You can learn all about WIPocalypse as well as sign up here.

My goals this year are to complete as many of the following as I can. Most of these will be new starts. I am proud to say missing from my list is Japanese garden, my chatelaine, which I finished. You can see pics a few entries back.

I stitch on a rotation. Currently one week Earthdancer, one week HAED, one week a small. As this first full moon came 5 days into the year the only one I have worked on is Earthdancer.
Here is my current progress. Stitched on Silkweaver’s fairyland 32 ct. Wexford linen
Here is a list of my goals for the year.

Crabby all year-may-raise the roof (Rabbits). I am stitching each month separate.


Crabby all year-June-raise the roof ( bugs)

Night owl- mill hill kit (my first mill hill)


Earthdancer 50%-butternut road


Dragonflies whisper-HAED- 3 pages. This one I have started already. My goal would take me 1 page into the second row. This is approximately 3 1/2 pages.

Sheep in the meadow- CCN


Garden pleasures-LHN


Live simply- dimensions kit


Let it snow-CCN- 2008 issue of JCS-no pic
Mr. Blue monster- mosey -n me- 2012 Halloween JCS-no pic











New year, new start

I really want to update my blog weekly this year.

The week started with a finish on crabby April. Seeing as I’ve been working on it since spring, the finish was overdue. I was missing a few threads, finally picked them up. I even put the beads on.


I decided to participate in new year, new start in a cross stitch group. I couldn’t wait to start this yesterday. I’m so pleased by how it is looking.

This is Earthdancer by Butternut Road. It’s stitched on 32ct. Wexford linen. Silkweaver’s fairyland hand-dyed fabric.