WIPocalypse finish

6 bats and a black cat

6 bats and a black cat.  32 count hand dyed Jobelyn. I love how this one is coming along. Instead of saying it won’t be done for this Halloween I will say it is very early for next Halloween.  I even have the perfect fabric to finish it with if I don’t decide to frame it.  This is an easy stitch, though it does have 2 specialty stitches, they are ones I am familiar with. It’s few colors makes it a great project to take with me.


Love Stinks

Love Stinks. Part of the Crabby all Year series by Raise The Roof designs. Stitched on tea/coffee dyed 28 count evenweave. I am stitching each piece separately. I have a frame already and I will switch them out monthly.  Eventually I will have a variety of the month series from different stitchers all up by my calendar.

This brings my WIPocolypse total to 7/18. I am still quite hopeful to get to 9/18 at least.

It is the last week of the month. Usually that would mean Dragonflies Whisper, my HAED. However I have finished my yearly goal already and Japanese Garden has been calling my name.  I have been stitching on the final parts for 3 days now. I am currently working on the 2nd 1 over 1 crane. If I remember correctly, it should take me about a week to finish it.  You will have to wait until next update to see it though.


Crabby Month 1

I decided to do Raise The Roof Designs Crabby all Year individually.  My plan is to put several pieces in frames above the calendar page for each month.   January was an easy month to stitch. It didn’t take much time at all. It was one of my Crazy January Challenge pieces, so it was started.  The only part I didn’t like was all the white. Boring.   It only took a few days of stitching to get this done.  I love the birds on it.  I may move that top bird I’m not sure if I like it there. 

I am still looking for fabric to finish Joy Love Peace.   I hope to get to Hancock fabric this week to see what they have.   Can you believe I have No Christmas Fabric?