Let it snow

Don't worry. It's just a Country Cottage Needleworks ornament I finally started. I've had this kitted up forever. It's been a fun, easy stitch so far.


Here is where I left off until it's up next in my rotation. I believe this is a piece of 28 ct. Evenweave, that I dyed in coffee.






Halloween finish-spider’s garden

I finished this 2 nights ago. I love how it turned out. It's spider's garden from the Halloween 2012 issue of JCS. You'll notice I did slightly change it. I left out the silver beads. I thought they took away from the web. Otherwise I stitched this as charted on 28 ct.evenweave that I hand dyed.

Speaking of Halloween, guess what I finally have finish finished? 6 bats. You can't tell here but the background fabric is spider webs. A tiny bit of the glue is showing on that right side and I'm okay with the lack of perfection.


HAED- top row done- dragonflies whisper

I apparently forgot to share this. The top row of my HAED is done. I am so pleased with how it looks. I started the second row yesterday. I'm so happy with how it is looking.


I do my HAEDs tent stitch. Some people will say that isn't really stitching, or whatever but I don't care what they think or say. I like the coverage of tent on the 22 ct fabric and from looking distance you can't even tell.

Another half page and I'll be at my goal for the year. Yay.



Here is what it will look like some day.






I haven't been stitching much lately. It happens every summer. Anyways I was on vacation last week. Of course the first thing I do anytime I am out of town is search for cross stitch stores in the area. I found Cecelia's Samplers in Branson Missouri.


They mostly had samplers which aren't my thing. I only got 4 charts. I was able to get some beads and floss I needed for Earthdancer and The chatelaine I am kitting up.



HAED page finish-dragonflies whisper

I did it. I just finished another page on my HAED. I'm so close to finishing the top row. The last page is only one column. I'm so excited and pleased with how it looks.

Dragonflies whisper, Kuik. 22 count.


Close up of the latest page


Those pesky flowers look awesome. They took nearly an entire week to stitch. They were solid confetti.


A face

Earthdancer finally has a face. I'm quite excited and pleased with how it looks. This also Is the entire first page,many a tiny part of page 2. I have not added back stitching, specialty thread, or beads. I'll do all that at the end.







I am in a confetti heavy area in my HAED. I did not get the page finish I wanted. That is okay though. I made progress and that is what counts.








Dragonflies Whisper, Sandra Kuik. 22 ct 2×1 tent


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