thumb injury


i work  at grocery deli. cut side tip of right thumb off. will be away awhile. typing hard one handed.


so close to japanese garden finish


Japanese Garden update- getting close

I decided to work on Japanese Garden for my free week this month. I’m so close to finishing the stitching. I have the crane and one bridge/ flower set to go. I’m so excited and pleased with myself. It isn’t perfect but that’s okay.

Here is my progress last week-


You’ll have to wait for a picture of the entire piece until it is finished.

This week is the normal week for JG in my rotation. I will probably not get it entirely finished. Depending on how close I am, I may work on it next week instead of Cirque.

Haed Update- Dragonflies Whisper April 2014

I took a few weeks off from cross-stitch. Anyone else have trouble with mojo when spring comes? This year I decided to purposely take a few weeks off, in the hopes that it would help me pick it back up again. While I did take 3 weeks off, maybe a month instead of just a week, that is better than not stitching for months.

I stitched on my HAED this past week- Dragonflies whisper. I really love stitching on this. I love how it is turning out.



This is my open week, I plan to stitch my chatelaine. If you recall I am on that final side. Next week is my planned Chatelaine week, which gives me 2 weeks to work on it instead of just 1. Let’s see if I can get that final side done.