HAED update- page 3 finished- Dragonflies whisper

Excuse the lateness of this week’s blog entry. First my son came down with a tummy bug, then I got it. Gosh I have not been that sick in quite awhile. I am feeling human again though. 

YAHOO! Anyone who stitches Haed’s knows what I am talking about. That thrill when you finish a page. The joy and sense of accomplishment. Last week I finished page 3 of Dragonflies Whisper. I am so happy with how this one is turning out. Even those branches which are full of confetti, aren’t too bad.  You can’t really tell in the photo but the moon is all sparkly kreinik.  

First I have a close up of the page I just did, then a photo of the entire project so far. 

Dragonflies Whisper-Kuik- 22ct tent stitch. 





The few dark threads you see there I have to frog out. I finally figured out what I did wrong. There are 2 flower symbols one is dark the other is light. I used the wrong one. Why there are 2 symbols so close to the same, I don’t know.  

This week is my open stitch week. I do have a finish but you’ll have to wait until next week to see it.