Cirque Update- February

Last week was Cirque week. I am loving this piece. It is nice to not have any color changes. Sure helps it move along quickly, though by weeks end I am bored. Good thing for rotations. Last year I had lots of frog visits on this one. So far this year I have only had 1. If it keeps up at this pace, I will have no problems getting this finished this year.

Stitched on gray hand dyed fabric (32 ct jobelyn) with waterlilies Blue Lagoon.







This week is HAED week. I have mostly krienik to stitch this week. It is a bit fiddly to work with as most of you know.  But I like the look of it. Just takes longer.


Japanese Garden- February update

As you may remember last months progress on JG was minimal due to my stitching the crane wrong. I had to frog the entire over 1 thing and start over.

This month my progress was MUCH more substantial. In fact, I made great progress. I not only finished the flowers and bamboo leaves on the 6 O’clock right side, I stitched the crane, AND started the bridge on the 6 O’clock left side.

I’m ordering the beads today. I’ve decided to just get the bead pack from ECS.

Other than the Viewer does anyone know how to test fabric on a chatelaine? My next chatelaine is not on the viewer yet, and I’m not sure how to go about testing. It’s time to start thinking about fabric and threads for my next one.

Sorry for the photo quality.ImageImage

6 bats and black cat finished- plus a few finished items-

This is something that I stitched last year. It was a quick easy stitch that I enjoyed doing. It was also my first beading. I got around to doing this simple quick pillow finish recently. I may add some runched ribbon around the outside at some later date, I may not. I haven’t decided yet.

It is LHN- snowy pines 28ct. tea dyed evenweave. Stitched as charted.


This I also stitched last year.  It is Crabby all year- February by Raise The Roof. I am stitching these all separate. I am using one frame and switching them out as months change. I hope to get March and April stitched this year


This is my final floss toss for Lizzy Kate’s snowmen/belles. Awhile back I saw a small group of people who had decided to stitch them all together. I decided to do the same. It took me awhile to get a pattern charted that has all the designs on it and looked right to me. I hope to start this sometime this year.


Up next is this weeks project- 6 bats and a black cat.  It is a little late for last halloween-oops. But it IS early for this halloween. I really enjoyed stitching this and love how it turned out. I did make a few mistakes/changes. I used all green for the pumpkin stems and accidently made the house a little too big.  I haven’t decided how to finish this yet, and likely won’t until halloween gets closer.

6 bats and a Black cat- blue ribbon designs- 2012 Halloween collector’s issue of Just Cross stitch. 32ct hand dyed jobelyn. 2 over 1.


This coming week is Chatelaine week. I hope to get that pesky 6 O’clock crane stitched properly and most of the rest of the 6 o’clock bridge finished.