HAED- Dragonflies Whisper update- January

For the most part my stitching time is during the week.  I work retail, need I say more?

I am quite pleased with my progress this week on my HAED-Dragonflies whisper.

Here is where I was last time I worked on it-

Dragonflies whisper



Here is where I left off until next month-

Dragonflies Whipser January



Next week is my free week. I have decided to get out 6 bats. I may even be able to get a finish on it. Depends on how much stitching time I get.





It’s been so long since I worked on Cirque (October), I figured you may need a before photo.  This shows my progress of 2 pages completed. I thought this project would bore me with the single color. It has not however. I love watching this take shape. Not having to change colors, means progress happens fast.


This is my progress as of Saturday when I took it off my qsnaps.  I am sorry for the crappy photo. It was the best I could do on a dreary winter day in Ohio.


This week is HAED week. I have Dragonflies Whisper out and on my qsnap ready to go.

E-reader cover

This is not a cross-stitch entry. That’s okay though. My blog my rules.  I just wanted to share-

I have a nook. I love my nook. What I don’t love are the prices of the cases. Unlike my nexus, I don’t need a fancy cover that protects it from dropping, as I never drop my nook.  I bought a pattern a few years ago. First time I made it I followed the instructions as written. It was okay but I was never quite happy with it.

This time I did what I do with everything else, I changed it to suit me.  I left out the pockets. I used only 1 fabric. I also used sew on velcro for the closure and added the button for decoration. I am quite pleased with it this time.  Best of all I used a dark fabric that won’t show the dirt as much.

nook cover insideNook cover

frogging over 1

Does anyone like to frog? It’s doubtful. I spent the end of last week frogging the 6 o’clock crane. I had it in upsidedown. I was so annoyed with myself. It took 2 hours to do. I did manage to get it done without ripping the material. Thank god for that.


Thus you’ll notice the lack of progress on this piece since my last picture.

This week I have Cirque out for the first time in quite a few months. I hope to make decent progress. I am looking forward to HAED week next week.

Japanese Garden

Since I am not doing WIPocalypse this year. I decided I would do my very best to post weekly updates. I am working  a rotation. I will be posting updates every monday.

First up was my free week. I decided to work on Fire Goddess.  I got several hundred stitches on the final page in before I realized the dress didn’t line up right.  *sigh* I found the mistake….. All the way in the first part. I had known there was a mistake somewhere for a few pages now, but never could find it, so I fudged it.  Well that came back to bite me in the ass. I couldn’t fudge the dress. It had to line up perfectly.  So I made a hard decision. Rather than frog 3 full pages, I tossed it. Rather than focus on all the wasted hours, I am choosing to see the lesson in all this.  Take the time to find a mistake, no matter how long it takes. It saves endless time and frustration down the road. Rather to frog a few hundred stitches than to have to toss a piece.

After that I decided to get out Japanese Garden for an extra week work.  I am quite pleased with the progress. This week is my regular rotation slot for it so I *should* get most of the over 1 crane done.  Anyways here is a photo of where I am now, and a photo showing the entire piece last time I had it off the frame.  I appologize for the crappy photo. Taking a decent photo is hard on a dreary midwinter day in Ohio.



In other news, I received a stash box in the mail over the weekend. I have taken out 5 things, and have more than 5 that I will add. I won’t be sending it off to the next person until beginning of February.


2013 review, 2014 plans

I haven’t stitched in weeks. I  was trying hard to finish 6 bats and a black cat before the end of the year but I just got so busy, It’s getting close though.


I ended WIPocalypse 2013 with 8/17 done.  I’m not real happy with that. I tried but feeling forced to work on something just…got old.


I made a list for WIPocalypse 2014, but I deleted it. I’ve decided I am not going to do any challenges in 2014.  Instead I will stitch what I want, and stitch for the process not the end result or some goal in mind. Just to enjoy it. I would like to get Fire Goddess and Japanese Garden done, but we will see.


Here is some highlights of 2013



I made great progress on Japanese Garden.  It’s so close to being done.


I finished a few pages of Dragonflies Whisper, my HAED.




I framed quite a few pieces that I finished stitching in 2012.







 I did a quick valentine’s piece, that I really adore.


I did this one for my mom. I’m so proud of it.

I also finished stitching a few pieces that I have not yet finished.




Although I did a terrible job of posting monthly on TUSAL, I did add to my vase throughout the year. Here is where I ended up.