3 O’clock side finished- Japanese Garden

I finished the 3 O’clock side of Japanese Garden. I am so pleased with how it is turning out. I am now officially half done with the final part (minus the beading). I am going to put it away for a few weeks. I need a break. I’m pulling out Fire Goddess. I am hopeful to get the 6 O’clock side half done before years end. I included some close ups of the flowers and the over 1 crane.






Japanese Garden Update

A few weeks ago the Chatelaine Facebook group inspired me to pull out my long neglected Japanese Garden. I have been working on it for maybe 10 days now? I am so pleased with the progress. I am currently working on that 3 O’clock side. The crane is over 1 and took about 4 days to stitch. I had to frog the bridge as I was off by one.  Least I found the mistake before I added all the lazy daisy stitches. I am pleased with how they turned out this time. They are much better than my first ones on that 12 O’clock side. I hope to get the remaining vines in tomorrow and start the flowers in the corner, then I will move to the other bridge. I plan to stitch this for as long as I can.  The second photo is much more true to the color of fabric.





I have commited to participation in NaBloPoMo. You won’t see my entries here though. I am using my other blog for it.  PatchworkJourneys  Bet you didn’t even know I had 2 blogs. I usually keep them separate.  Hope on over if your curious. If not that is okay.

We now interrupt……..

I just want to post a photo of my little son zombie, dressed up for trick or treat tonight. We went out in the wind and rain and had a great time.