WIPocalypse finish

6 bats and a black cat

6 bats and a black cat.  32 count hand dyed Jobelyn. I love how this one is coming along. Instead of saying it won’t be done for this Halloween I will say it is very early for next Halloween.  I even have the perfect fabric to finish it with if I don’t decide to frame it.  This is an easy stitch, though it does have 2 specialty stitches, they are ones I am familiar with. It’s few colors makes it a great project to take with me.


Love Stinks

Love Stinks. Part of the Crabby all Year series by Raise The Roof designs. Stitched on tea/coffee dyed 28 count evenweave. I am stitching each piece separately. I have a frame already and I will switch them out monthly.  Eventually I will have a variety of the month series from different stitchers all up by my calendar.

This brings my WIPocolypse total to 7/18. I am still quite hopeful to get to 9/18 at least.

It is the last week of the month. Usually that would mean Dragonflies Whisper, my HAED. However I have finished my yearly goal already and Japanese Garden has been calling my name.  I have been stitching on the final parts for 3 days now. I am currently working on the 2nd 1 over 1 crane. If I remember correctly, it should take me about a week to finish it.  You will have to wait until next update to see it though.


Cirque page finish

I finished page 2 of cirque des  couers. I am excited because 2 pages meets my yearly goal for this piece. WOOHOO.  Looks great too IMO.


Sorry the photo isn’t better. It wasn’t a great day for taking pictures.



HAED update, halloween stitching

I have 2 update photos to share today.

First up is my HAED update. I stitch on it once a month at least as part of a SAL. This is about 2 1/2 pages. I love how this is turning out.


This is my halloween piece for this year. Well maybe this year and next year. It is highly unlikely I will finish it by halloween. It is 6 cats and a black bat. It has been fun to stitch.

Halloween is my favorite holiday to stich, what is yours?



I have recently acquired some stash.

The first is what my mom bought for me while I was visiting her in oklahoma.  I got some more expensive things that I normally wouldn’t buy myself, which is perfect. I am so excited to start something. I got oldfield orchard- victoria sampler, Passione Ricamo-Fairyland dreams, Cricket collection-Master and the Macabre (a tribute to edgar allen Poe) and a mill hill bead kit. I am unsure whether I will purchase the oldfield orchard thread pack or do some converting.

Oklahoma stash

The mirabilia are Cottage Garden fairy.  Then Penny was nice enough for free to include the other pattern- Deco Spirits.

bought from a yahoo group friend
Bought from a facebook group

And finally up some stash that I got for such a great price on a facebook group I just couldn’t help myself.  Spring snapperland hive- Bent creek, LHN- 6 little cardinals, LHN- garden pleasures, CCN- beach cottage, snappers easter- bent creek.

cute story- While I was in the LHN in Oklahoma with my mom; we were talking to the shop clerk as I checked out. My mom said how she wasn’t a stitcher, then asked me if this would give me something to stitch next year. To which I replied that I had enough stash to keep me busy for several years. My mom then in a perplexed manner- why I was buying more.  The shop owner said to me, “wow your mom is obviously really not a stitcher if she doesn’t understand the art of stash.