HAED update, TUSAL, final framed finish

Long time no post. Sorry about that. You know how life gets in the way. I have been stitching a fair amount, and have a page finish on my Haed. Dragonflies whisper. It is also my yearly goal. Though it is only August so I hope to get a bit more done before years end. This is the first year I hit my HAED goal. I attribute it to finally finding the combination that works for me.  22ct, 2×1, tent stitch.  I just wish I had experimented more earlier on and not let what others used and said about tent stitching influence me.

I also included a photo of what it will look like someday, since this still isn’t much to look at.

HAED-Dragonflies whisper

Springtime serenade-CCN

I can’t believe I didn’t share this before but apparently I shared it everywhere but here.  My final recently framed piece. Would you believe I found the frame at goodwill?  It couldn’t fit better if I had bought it specifically for this piece. I can’t wait til it is spring so I can hang it.