Wipocalypse 2

I had lots of progress this past month. You can see links to other Wipocalypse participants or join the fun by going here.

I started cirque de couers. Despite having to frog that big heart 3 times, I managed some good progress. It is being stitched on 32 count jobelan with caron waterlillies blue Lagoon.

My mom finally received her gift so I can show you how it turned out. Took forever for me to get it just right but I’m so pleased with how it looks and so is she. cowboy dreams by CCN. I took out the pony toy the upper guy had and used beads instead of French knots.

I had another rotation on haed as well. I’m about a quarter of the way through the second page. It’s coming along nicely. dragonflies whisper by kuik on 22 count.

Last I had a restaurant that on one of last year’s Wipocalypse pieces. Snowflake serenade by CCN. I believe it is okay on a 28 count jobelan. I had to redo it as I had the fabric turned wrong. I didn’t like the mint green as charted so I have changed it to purple in the scarf and house.



I had A lot of additions to my vase this past month. I had lots of thread from cowboy dreams. On the top is my additions from cirque.

Please go here if you want more info on joining this.


My son’s birthday is next weekend. Between working 6 days in a row to have next weekend off, doing taxes…. My blog has taken back seat. But…..

Coming up in the next few weeks I’ll have….. Photos of cowboy dreams, a 100 follower giveaway, my how I coffee/tea dye, a photo of my fabby for 12 fat men /snow belles and a start on that., as well as my Tusal.


Dragonflies whisper update

I am sorry for the photo quality, my computer isn’t working right. After spending hours on it, I retook the photo with my ipod. Honestly since getting my nexus the only thing I use the computer for is a hard drive really, so I will just back everything  up and reload windows.

Anyways this is after 1 week stitching for a stitch A long on a Facebook group. I fell a little short of getting the first page finished but that is okay. I’ll get it done next month. This is stitched on 22 count, which I am loving. I will use it for every haed I do from now on.

I was going to start 6 fat men today but the fabric isn’t right. I don’t think the color will show the white right. Then I got to thinking that it would be nice to stitch 6 fat men with 6 snow belles on the same fabric. I found someone with a blog who did it and I am waiting to see if I can get how she charted them.

So I ended up restarting snowflake serenade instead. I had to frog all my previous progress as I had my fabric turned wrong.

Forgive Quickly- And A Giveaway

Heather at Heather’s Stitching Story is having a giveaway- She is giving away a very generous number of LHN and CCN Charts.

In other news- I finally finished Forgive Quickly.  I like how it turned out. I didn’t put anything around the outside edge. I was going to, but it just took away from the stitching.  You can’t really tell from this but the fabric is a very very pale blue color. I changed the thread to what I had- An unknown Variegated red HDF thread.

Forgive Quickly-Lizzy Kate, Unknown mystery blue fabric, unknown red variegated HDF thread