2 exchanges

I did a Sock it to me santa exchange in a group i’m in.  I forgot to take a photo of what I sent.  Here is what I received though.

I am doing an exchange for a different group- an advent exchange. Here is what I have received so far.  This is days 1-14.   Missing from the picture are Piecemaker needles, which I have already opened.

Here is a picture of the best looking laundry ever!



WIPocalypse 12

Forgive the lateness of this.  With a hubby still recovering and a 2yr old very active little boy…….. well you get the idea.

Although I’m further now on Japanese Garden I am going to show the photo as of when I should have posted this.  For a current update you’ll have to wait until the next update (assuming the world doesn’t end right?)

I finished my goal on Crabby all year long for this challenge.. Month 1- January. I am happy with how it turned out.. though I think i am going to move that top bird to on top of the car.  I am stitching each month on separate fabby.

I also finished Joy Love Peace.  I love this as well. It is upstairs in the process of being finished. My son has already asked for it to be in his room. He loves Christmas trees.    Although I have discovered it doesn’t line up I am okay with that. It adds personality right?

My final update is Japanese Garden. I am quite happy with how it is going. I finally finished that outer border this past month. WOOHOO.


Border Finished- Japanese Garden-WOOHOO

Guess what?? I finally finished the outer border on Japanese Garden.  It took all year to finish it I think.  Although I love the look of all the Jessica stitches, they really gave me trouble.   They were hard to place properly.  I have some I need to frog out and redo but I will do that at the end of all the stitching.   I am so glad to move onto the next part.  I am LOVING this piece, both the look and the stitching it, but it does get repetitive sometimes.

So here it is.   I also included a few photos of different parts of the entire piece close up. It is so large that you can’t see details when I show the entire piece.

So the particulars for anyone new to this blog or anyone interested.  Stitched on 28 ct. cashel linen on a dark blue from picture this plus.  I just can’t remember what the color was called, midnight something maybe.   The NPI silks have been converted to HDF silk.  All the beading I will do at the end… Which is getting closer.

Next up the crane medallion outlines.  I need printer ink so I can only do the outlines, I need to blow up the PDF to print cranes to see them (they are over 1). So I can only work on what I have in the current printouts I have.   Medallion outlines, then onto the bridges and bamboo.