Prayers needed-OT

So last night my husband had an emergency appendectomy. Turns out he also had a perforated colon and appendix. He’s doing okay but has a fever. Please keep him in your prayers that he is ok.

Thanks so much



Got a few finished and my birthday

I have been on a finishing streak the past few days- I was able to get Knock Knock finished and I gave it as a gift to my sis in law who had been admiring it every time she saw me work on it.  This is my eldest niece, posing with the finished piece

Today I finished something I stitched last year-  a Christmas Sock monkey from a JCS ornament issue.   Just a simple finish but I like it

I thought my sewing machine was broke- hubby fixed it though, so YAY.  I have a few other things I want to finish- Most notably a pillow.  

I also as I hinted at in my last post- I finished another WIPocalypse piece as well as a Crazy January Challenge piece-

Coffee Crazy- Lizzy Kate. This was such a fun, simple piece. I really enjoyed it.  I did change the color in the mug to the blue that you see.  

Also yesterday was my birthday-  Here is a picture of the stash I got from the birthday club I am in-

I also have some Gift certificates from 123stitch, and some gifts still on the way

WIPocalypse 10

It’s been a long time since I updated. I have a job though and didn’t have time through the summer as I figured out a new routine for me and the family.

I am back to stitching though-

Here is where I am with stitching-

I finished Springtime Serenade-

Springtime Serenade- CCN- 28ct evenweave- coffee/tea dyed

I also finished Coffee Crazy. This was such a fun easy stitch.   I did change the color charted in the mug to the blue.  

Coffee Crazy- Lizzy Kate- 28ct coffee dyed evenweave

And last but certainly not least- I finally got the sparkly threads I needed for this,  I did the sparkly stitches in her hair, necklace, and belt.

Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott, 28 ct, hand dyed evenweave

Crazy January Challenge and WIPocalypse finish

I finished another piece today. This one was part of both Crazy January Challenge and WIPocalypse.  I’m so excited.   I think I will wait until my WIPocalypse update next week before I share which one.

Happy Stitching,


Knock Knock- A Finish

I finished Knock Knock today. It was a spur of the moment start last halloween.  It was a very easy stitch, all black.  I used memory thread for the first time. It was easy enough to use.  It would have been easier I think- had I been outlining something.  Still I will use it again and would recommend it. 

I stitched this on 28 ct. Hand dyed evenweave. I *think* it may have originally been a funky yellow color, but I am not positive. 

I included a photo of the piece with the intended finishing fabric and ribbon as well. I plan to make it into a no sew wall hanging.  I hope to get that done this week.

I was going to stitch it for myself, but I had it somewhere stitching it and someone really admired it, so I am going to surprise her with it.

WIPocalypse #9

It’s been way to long since I updated.  I haven’t stitched anything until the last few weeks.  My reason?? I have a job. It’s nothing special- just deli counter at a local grocery. But it’s the first job i’ve had (not counting being a mom) in oh geez- a very long time.  So it’s a big deal to me.   So my time needless to say just hasn’t been there.   It took me awhile to get everything juggled- work, my son- Troy (who is 2 1/2 now) and laundry, cleaning- you all know what I mean.

So i’ve had a finish actually-  Springtime serenade. I am so pleased with how it looks. It’s quite nice I think.  I broke my sewing machine back in february making a nook cover- so i’ve a pile of stitching pieces to finish. I can do the ones I am going to frame I suppose.   Unfortunately it is now well Autumn, so no hurry on this piece.  So here it is. 

Springtime Serenade- CCN- 28 ct, hand dyed evenweave 2×1.

I will be putting this chart up for sale should anyone be interested in it.

In other stitching news- I pulled out my halloween piece from last year.  It’s one of the charts from last years halloween special JCS collection.   I am nearly done- this week should see it finished.