Fire Goddess

I added a few new charts to my For sale page- the link to the page is on one of the tabs above.

I forgot to mention last week that I had a small finish.  It was a small- a tiny really, that I work on when I am out.  I plan to get some fabric for it in the next few weeks- So I can finish it before Easter. I am unsure what it is stitched on. A piece of Aida, hand-dyed a wonderful light Yellow that I received in an exchange. Oh and if you have this chart you’ll recognize I didn’t stitch the green border at the top, I didn’t like it. 

Lizzy Kate- Hop squared.  unknown yellow Aida.

Onto this week………

I am quite pleased with my stitching this week. I stitched on Fire Goddess by Joan Elliott. I am loving this project so far, The colors, the stitching- just everything about it. 

Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott, hand-dyed 28 ct.

 I am missing some threads still- that is the waist area that is unstitched. I have to order them, and haven’t gotten to it yet. 

I am hoping to get some finishing done tonight. I have a pile of things waiting to be finished.  I finally picked out fabric and decided what to do for some of them.  Hopefully I’ll have another post this week showing some of them off.

I am unsure what I am stitching this coming week. I’ll go with whatever calls to me tomorrow.  Whether it is Shades of Autumn or Springtime Serenade remains to be seen.


Japanese Garden

Thanks for all the comments on last weeks progress.   I appreciate and read every comment, though I don’t often comment on them. 

Satia- The name of the chart is Shades of Autumn and is by From Nancy’s needle.  If you are interested in me sending you the chart when I am done with it just send me an email.  

I am quite pleased with my progress this week with Japanese Garden. I am starting to get anxious to get it completed, at least the stitching part. I am starting to get nervous about the beads- I have never beaded anything before.  Probably a good time to mention that I have a hand shaking problem.  Needless to say it may take me awhile.

I worked on the outer border this week. It went fast though it was boring by thursday.  The cross stitching was mostly straight lines, a huge part of it was Jessica stitches which I don’t mind.
Thought maybe you would like a close up to see what I am talking about with the border.   I did run out of the gold treasure braid.  A trip to the LNS took care of that. I didn’t buy anything I didn’t need-  Beads for Fire Goddess (I will have to order the rest online),  the gold PTB, and a chart/floss for my valentine’s day exchange partner.   Oh I did glance through the free boxes, where I found two that had charts I liked, but that doesn’t count since I didn’t spend any money. 


Here is a photo of the entire piece.

This week I am stitching on Fire Goddess. I am really excited about this piece. I plan to do all of the goddesses.  I love them. I may make a quilt with them, who knows.   I love the oranges in this piece. It is a color I don’t use a lot in cross-stitch. 

Not at much progress as I’d hoped

I never seem to get to the weekly update on Sunday. I think I will change the day I try to get it up. 

I didn’t get as much done last week as i had hoped for.  I started with good progress but then I noticed a mistake and had to frog quite a bit.  I had been hoping for a near finish  but that didn’t happen. Oh well there is always next time.  I enjoy working on this.  It is different than cross stitch. It’s a nice change sometimes.  

This week I am working on Japanese Garden. I am working on the outer border. I can’t wait to get all the Jessica stitches done so I can work on the bridges.  That won’t happen this week, but maybe next time I get it out.  I am moving along nicely though.  You’ll have to wait for my next update to see pictures. 

WIPocalypse update- January 2012

The first WIPocalypse update.  If you haven’t heard of it or signed up you have until the end of January so hop on over here

Since I am also participating in a modified version of the Crazy January Challenge, I have lots of stuff to show this month.  It won’t be this way every month.

 A Trio Of Angels-Harmony- Cross stitcher August ’08

6.  Fire Goddess- Joan Elliott

7. Crabby all year- Raise The Roof- am stitching these separate. Will count a finish as each individual month. My plan is to get the first month done. 

8. Springtime Serenade-CCN

9.  Hop Squared-LK

10.  Coffee Crazy-LK- will count a finish as one of the three designs, have yet to decide which one

13. Joy Love Peace- CCN

14. Dogs Leave Paw Prints-LK  Finished 1/5/12

Crazy challenge days 8-9

The last two days of my challenge. I had a price for today- day 10 but I am missing floss so I can’t start it. I am okay with that. I was getting overwhelmed with all the starts.

Day 8- crabby all year- raise the roof

I have had this chart awhile now. I am stitching it a bit differently. I am doing each month separately. I may or may not stitch the top that says crabby all year. I’ll decide that at a later date. For this challenge I will count a complete as each month. My goal this year iOS January. This was boring to stitch as I stitched in only white. It is a large part of this month though.

Day 9- hop Lizzy Kate

This was a small price full of bright colors. Nice to stitch after a day of all white. I got about half of it done.

Now to decide what to stitch first.


Cjc- day 6 and 7

Day 6 brought a piece I have been wanting to start for awhile now. Joan Elliott- fire goddess. This is
Likely to be a piece I return to quickly.

I dyed the fabric myself. I love the
Colors of this so far. Oranges. A color I don’t stitch with much.

Day 7- today brought a small project. One I just was bore with quickly. It’s a Christmas ornament so I’m not bothered that it bores me. By September I’ll be wanting to pick this up. It will likely sit until then.

CCN- Joy peace love

Two starts and a finish

I’ve really enjoyed the daily new start even though I spent the first few days frogging. Today marks the halfway point for me as I’m only doing ten.

Day 4- springtime serenade- country cottage needleworks.
I really enjoyed this one. It is dreary and overcast here in Ohio, it was wonderful to do something cheery and springy. This is probably the first Piece I will come back to when the challenge is over.

Day 5-coffee crazy- Lizzy Kate
today I got a late start. I had meant to stitch while I was out at the library. I forgot my qsnap. So I stitched tonight. This is a fun stitch. It’s small and cute and has a spot ready in the kitchen.

That brings us to the finish. First finish of the year. It’s a small one but
Important to me. I’ve had it since shortly after I lost Mallow. I just haven’t been able to pick it up. Here it is. This also has a spot ready.

Dogs leave paw prints- Lizzy Kate, 28 ct coffee/tea dyed evenweave. Stitche with DMc except doghouse.

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