We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programing

As everyone who reads this blog is aware, I love to cross-stitch.  It is not my only hobby though, or even my first love.  That would be reading.  I remember getting caught often in school for reading under my desk.  I always used my allowance to buy books.  So—- with that in mind- I have decided to undertake a few reading challenges for next year.

One of them is Chunkster Reading Challenge.   I will be specifically doing the Chubby Chunkster- where I commit to reading  4  chunksters.   Feel free to skip these reading posts  if you feel the need. I will mark them as well as keep them separate from the cross stitch posts. 

As one of my 35 goals in 35 years- see my other blog for a complete list- is to read 10 books from my To Be Read pile…….. I have decided to participate in the Mount TBR reading challenge.   I will be climbing Pikes Peak by reading 12 books.



Preparing for next year

With it being days before Christmas, I have not gotten much stitching done. I have about a quarter of the border of Japanese garden done. The Jessica stitches look wonderful. I can’t wait to get beads there.

I just finished serving and cutting fabric for next years projects. Not a difficult thing, just time consuming. It is a done though which is good. It occurred toe today that 2012 is not far off. I have a few pieces of fabric to dye. Not sure I will do that today.


Japanese Garden update-and an RR

I think I will make you all wait until the end of the post to see the picture. Honestly how many of you just scrolled down without reading first???

In my last posts comments Meari asked about how I  post pictures from my ipod to my blog.  The photos won’t ever be the best so if you have another way to do it, I would suggest it. The ipod doesn’t take the best photos.  I downloaded the free blogger app to my ipod.  It is very easy. I just take the picture and then create a post using the app and add it in. Very very easy. I also sometimes take a picture with my phone- which takes better pictures- then email it to myself and add it to my blog using my ipod.  Reason being my phone doesn’t have blogger app and my ipod does. 

I got the border started on JG.  I didn’t get too much done though. I mostly stitch on the week days not the weekend.  I plan to work on this exclusively through the end of the year. Maybe I can get the border nearly done. I will have to get some more rainbow gallery PTB gold.  I only ever bought one for some reason. Definitely going to need another.  I have a few other things I need threadwise.   I will see if michigandoctor on ebay has any. I order thread from her when possible- it is cheap, and the service is great.

In other news- I got my RR back today. It looks wonderful. Thanks to all who stitched on it.  I got the chart online free from a blog. I have the info but it is upstairs so I will edit this post to add that info and a link to that blog tomorrow.   I plan to finish this as a pillow.  

I can’t think of anything else to say- so I guess I will post the picture you all want to see………


Stash and a Teapot

I finished the teapot after having to frog it twice! Never have I had such a
Problem with a chart before. Not sure what my issue was. Maybe I shouldn’t have been gawking at the guys on the tv show I was watching…. I got the envelope today and will mail it out soon as I can. Mary said she is finished with my RR I can’t wait to get it back.

I finally used 2 123 stitch gift certificates I had been saving. I got the remaining charts for 2 pieces in my stitch pile for next year. The first ones I can’t recall it’s a lizzy Kate. The other one is 6 fat snowmen.

I took this picture from my iPod as my camera is having battery issues hope it is ok. I have a hand shake and the iPod has no stabilizer sooo… No telling what you can or can’t see.


That post for anyone who read it was meant for a different blog, I am sorry