WIPocalypse and crazy January 15

Mmm well I was just upstairs picking projects out. So much to stitch and so little time. Thing is I can never stitch just small things. Oh no I like bigger ones too. So the question I’m wondering is how many have stuff picked for either/both of these that they can REALISTICALLY get done?



Two projects to show

As I said last time, i had a sick toddler.  I’m sure you can gather I had no stitching time while he was sick. Then the week before that was my birthday, hubby’s birthday and our anniversary.  (what an expensive week that always is)  So I haven’t gotten a lot of stitching done lately.

First up is Mistress of Wolves-HAED. I have a page finish- YAY- my 5th page finish out of 16. 

I so wish I could say that I got the corner ornament done, and as you will see I am so close!!!! 

I also noticed that on ornament 3 I forgot the bit around the outside oops.   Least I see it now and not when I think I am done with them! 

I have to break with my rotation to stitch a RR. But then I will be right back to JG. 



I’ve got a toddler and a husband sick with the flu on the heels of healing my sis move, two birthdays, and an anniversary. Proper update when I can. If I don’t stitch soon I may harm someone.


Japanese Garden

I didn’t get the entire corner ornament finished, but I got most of it done. I will have it done next time for sure. If I push and stitch extra I may even get the last corner ornament finished.  Wouldn’t that be great?

So this week……… Up is Mistress, the HAED.   I honestly don’t know if I will stitch it or not. I would like to get the final row done, but i’m just not motivated. I want to finish it, but……… I also hate doing the full crosses, with a passion.