Japanese Garden- Corner ornaments

I have two pictures.  First the corner ornament that I finished up-

The next corner ornament that I worked on. I got all the cross stitching done on this one. Next time I will do the specialty stitches.
I will be out of town the next two weeks. Going to my hometown to help pack up my nana and pap’s house. I will not have internet so I will not have any update for the next three weeks.  
I am taking stitching with me though- a few smalls, including Strawberry house.  

up next and charts for sale

I told everyone they had to wait to find out what will take the place of Garden Party now that it is finished- Although I won’t start this for a few weeks- ——— It is nearly all ready to go. I just have to dye and cut the fabric.

Strawberry house by Little House Needleworks

Next week I am stitching on Japanese Garden. I am hoping to get most of the next corner ornament finished.   It’s a goal at any rate.

For anyone who is interested I posted some charts for sale.  I hope you will take a look.  Included for sale are all four of the Garden Party charts. Contact info is on the page with the charts. 

Garden Party FINISHED

I simply couldn’t wait until my weekly sunday update. So here it is, just finished this morning.   I’m so excited by how it looks.   It was a fun stitch, though the border did get tiring by the fourth time.

I still like the dragonfly best, but then I do have a thing for dragonflies so……

The ladybug is my next favorite. So cute!

I love the blue flowers around the bumblebee

I had to frog twice on the butterfly. Those antenna, what a pain. Beginner mistake! 

Are you out of patience yet??

Garden Party- CCN- 28ct white evenweave. 1/1/11-8/5/11

I already have a spot picked out for it. I will start shopping goodwill for a frame. 

Now to decide what to put in it’s spot………………. you will have to wait until sunday to find out.


Weekly update- cleaning advice

I didn’t get my goal last week. I wanted to get the page done, but I fell short.   Not too short, but still short. That’s okay there is always next time.  Here is an update.  I know hard to tell I did anything right?  

If you look you can see that it needs washed.  So anyone have advice? I’m thinking of putting it in a small pan of water with a few drops of dawn.  It’s all DMC so that should be okay right??

This week I am stitching on Garden Party. In fact I plan on stitching every spare moment this week. If I do that, I should be able to get it finished. YAY. I am so excited.   You’ll have to excuse my lack of participation in groups this week.