I’m Just a Doe….: Juliet: My Greatest Life Lesson

This is repost for my sis-in-law. I feel it is really an important message to get out there. Please take the time to read this.

I’m Just a Doe….: Juliet: My Greatest Life Lesson: “Seven years ago this morning, Juliet Pearl, my 4th daughter, died at our home. For those of you who dont know the circumstance, she suffer…”


Japanese Garden- Corner ornament

I nearly finished the first corner ornament. I have a bit left to do on the very outside. I decided to hold off until next week for that.

As per the previous post- the urge to get Mistress out was strong so I did.  I spent part of my stitching time today moving the thread from the floss card thing- like come in kits- to floss bags, so that took up some time. I am much happier with stitching that way though so it was time well spent.  I did manage to finish a row- yay me.

Julie I wish I had finished the 3 page HAED goal for the year but I haven’t. I do have 1/2 page done- which is better than nothing, but that’s okay.

On another note here is a cute picture of Troy playing a computer game- basically a bash the keys and animals and letters pop up, but he loves it-


thanks everyone and blah blah

Thanks everyone for the thoughts and well wishes.  After therapy today I do feel somewhat better. I do need to keep my focus on rest and whatnot, and away from emails, so I am staying no mail in my groups for a bit longer. Well maybe on all groups but one. Haven’t decided yet.   Carolyn (Therapist) told me to sit on that thought overnight. 

On the stitching front— I worked some on JG this past week. I have the stitching on the corner ornament finished, still have the specialty stitches to go.   Looks good though.

Those of you who have been reading awhile, may recall Mistress….

a reminder of the finished project

Page wise I have more than half of the full size ones done-  6 1/2 full pages complete, 4 1/2 full pages to do. Then I have 7 part pages to do.   I had put this away as I got burnt out on it. But the urge is back.  I’m thinking of getting her back out.   I got so tired of all the grays and browns, not to mention the confetti. OOOYY! The entire piece is confetti stitching. Anyways, back out she comes.  I may stitch her right away, I may do the specialty stitches on JG for a bit. Just don’t know.
  What I do know is that I won’t meet my goal on JG for the year.   It is a HAED goal, but it was 3 full pages. With it being nearly august, I would have to stitch solely on Mistress to get that goal accomplished and I do enjoy my rotation. So I will……….. I dunno what I will do.   What I need to do is just finish the Garden Party. If I work on it a week and a half It will be finished. Then I could alternate mistress and JG for the rest of the year. Course I want to do a few christmas ornaments and what about halloween, and there you see my problem, I think it is the problem of every stitcher.   Oh plus there is the RR, so ya. Guess I’ll play it by ear, see what happens.   


i am having some personal things I have to deal with right now. I am stitching when I can but that’s it.  

Be back when I can.

First non-pillow finish-Cherish

Today I completed my first non-pillow finish. It is far from perfect, but I am proud and pleased with it. 

This has been sitting awaiting finishing for over a year now.  *hangs head in shame* 

I was so nervous that I would ruin the stitched piece, but I didn’t. Is it perfect no. But then neither was the stitched piece and that was okay and is still okay. 

I for the most part followed these instructions

Cherish-Lizzy Kate

RR piece done, cheap stash

I finished my RR piece last night. I wrote out the directions to enclose today. I just have to package it up and send it out. I will do so later this week.

I won’t be showing what the other persons will be stitching. They are seasonal charts similar to the one I did. 

I have in the past few weeks found a few pattern books very cheap.   I got the Pooh book at Goodwill.  The Happy Holidays in Cross-stitch I got at a flea market while  in Hocking Hills, oh.

Today at Half Price books I found these- for 50 cents a piece. 

I got these at JoAnn’s-

I couldn’t resist the world of Cross stitching with the free Joan Elliott Oriental collection. Not only do I love Joan Elliott, but my bedroom is decorated in an oriental theme. 

Isn’t the Lily Fairy adorable?? I have 3 of the fairies I think. I am hoping the others will be for sale somewhere other than the magazine as I was unable to find the others. I am thinking they would make a nice quilt. The best part?  The magazines were on sale at Joann’s. They are all 10% off this week.