stash and another one finished

Few months back I learned there is a LNS about 20 minutes away. This was after years of believing the nearest one was 2 hrs away.  This LNS happens to be on my way home from therapy. Needless to say it is hard to stay away. 

Here is my stash acquisition since learning of it’s existence.

  I have so far managed to stay away from the more pricey things on my wishlist.  I do *have* to get the rest of the flip-its however. After all what good are just two of them??

This week I stitched on CCN- garden party. I am so very pleased with how this is turning out. I finished the second bug- the ladybug. Just wait until you see it. It is beyond lovely.  I am thinking I will have to stitch this piece again sometime.

CCN- Garden bug

Isn’t it lovely?? 

As this is the half way point of the piece, I have begun to think about what will take it’s place in my rotation when I am finished. So many to choose from.  Really, i’m just enjoying looking through my options. I’ll change my mind a 1000 times between now and then.

I am thinking about changing my focus piece for a bit. I just don’t know.  I love JG, but I want the bugs done. It is taking forever with stitching them only once a month. If i stitched them twice a month, instead of JG twice a month- I could have them done in two months instead of four.  But then I am adoring JG right now. And i’m so wanting to finish it so I can start chinese.  Of course nobody said I have to finish one before I start the other.  Really I just need the money to buy the kit for chinese. 

Then if I toss out the HAED for a bit I could stitch two weeks on each. But then I don’t want to do that, because I do enjoy the HAED, and it is a meaningful piece to me.   Decisions, decisions.  

On another note I am working on a how-to for how I dye fabric.  I decided to do it spur of the moment when I was dyeing a piece of fabric for an exchange.   I can’t share it though until said exchange is received.

Next weeks goal-  Finish the last two branches of Japanese Garden, maybe start the corner ornaments?  Oh and order the bead pack for JG.  I’ve determined it is cheaper than buying them separate. 



2 Branches done- Japanese Garden

Wow- those branches are stitching up fast. They are fun as well.

close up of the 12 O’clock branch-

Close up of 3’Oclock branch-

Next up is Garden Party. If I get a good amount of stitching time this week- I should be able to finish the ladybug. 

2 days

For the past two days I have used my stitching time to get some things I have been procrastinating done.   I can tell for sure.  I am tense, tightly wound, stressed. I need my needle.  Need my stitching time.

Other things be damned- tomorrow I stitch.

Vision 1/2 page done

I finished my goal for the week tonight. The first half page of Visions.   I print 1/2 page at a time enlarged.   It’s not much to look at, just 6 colors- various shades of dark blue.

  HAED- Jessica Galbreth- Visions
28 count, tent stitching 2×1

Rock Gardens Finished

I finally finished them.  The rock garden’s are done.  I am so very pleased by how JG is looking.  I can’t wait to start the branches.

Next up is Visions. 

Weekly update and Giveaway winner

I finished the border for the second Garden Party bug today. It went much faster than the first one-what with no frogging half of it.

Next up in my rotation is Japanese Garden. I hope to get the last rock garden complete. I hope it will only take this week. I plan to keep Japaense Garden out until the final rock garden is done. 

Onto the giveaway—— thank you for all who entered. The winner is———-Katrein.  Please email me at patchesmany at gmail dot com with your address and I will get your prize out to you this week.