Hard work

Another hard therapy session today.  Third week in a row we have talked about memories. We are proud of ourselves. We are also emotionally exhausted.



Garden Party Bug done

I finished the first bug this week.  I am quite pleased with it.  Do you see the color difference in the border? There is nothing I can do about it, but I am curious if I see it more since I know where it is.  

 CCN- garden Party- Dragonfly
28 ct white evenweave
stitched with Crescent colors that came with chart.

I am continuing to stitch on this piece- starting the next bug this week.

on another note- i have my first giveaway as I hit 50 followers this past week.

It is just a small one, but hopefully that won’t matter.   The chart is Lizzy Kate- Cherish.  It will not include the charms. 

Here are the rules-  leave a comment for an entry .  For a second entry post on your blog a link to this giveaway.   I will choose the winner next sunday.   Good luck everyone. 


Japanese Garden 6 O’Clock Garden- and giveaway

I finished the 6 O’clock rock garden today. It was my stitching goal for the week. Yay I am early. I only have one more rock garden to do. 

I am putting Garden Bugs on the frame tonight. I am thinking about changing my focus piece from JG to Garden Bugs. It needs some extra attention. Especially if I want to finish it at any time soon. 

I know that isn’t the best picture, best I can get with the clouds outside.

On a side note- I have 50 followers. Next post- giveaway details- stay tuned.

almost 50 followers

I’m almost to 50 followers. How exciting. When I do hit 50 I will do a giveaway.

Stash and HAED

Boy was I surprised when someone in an online group told me there is a stitching store right in my area. It is on my way back from therapy each week.   Of course on Saturday I had to stop in.  I got only a few small things, though I had many more in my hands.

The CC floss is for Garden Bugs, It’s the Blooming Crocus I ran out of. The WDW is for a small I have yet to start.

Usually when I post a HAED it is Mistress, but I have put Mistress aside for now.  I am just burnt out on her I guess.  It’s all the confetti stitching perhaps. Or I don’t know. It’s this I think—  I I stitched Mistress at a time in life when I was dealing with some painful things. Now though I am moving on, living life instead of watching it. I no longer feel the need to complete Mistress. I am thinking of just finishing the last top page part and calling that done.

If you are a Jessica Galbreth fan, you are aware she has a new direction. It really seems to fit me well, as I hadn’t been connecting with her work.   Two pieces I just had to have, and one of them is my current HAED.  She really to me is just moving on. That is what I see when I look at it.  Here is what it will look like someday-

Here is what it looks like currently-

Vision Jessica Galbreth

 Stats- Vision- Jessica Galbreth/HAED,  28 ct off white evenweave. 2×1 tent stitching.

Spring Exchange

The mailman brought me a gift today. My exchange from the spring fling exchange in one of my groups.  My partner Jennifer, sent me lots of goodies. 

I forgot to take a pic of what I sent to Jennifer, so you won’t get to see that, sorry.

Japanese Garden update

I have the 6 O’clock rock garden well under way.  I am pleased with this week’s progress. 

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