Impromptu Stash

I was at the giant JoAnn’s today. It is unlike any JoAnn’s I have ever seen. Mostly they are small stores, but this one is HUGE. It rivals the size of Michaels.

Though I don’t need anything, of course I went down the cross-stitch aisle. One never knows when a sudden need might come about………

I got all of the above, including the 12$ uk magazine for 23$.  I would have got a 9$ charles craft afhgan, but the magazine was more important. Look closely, see that fairy? It’s a Joan Elliot. Part of a new flower fairy collection.  If you like Joan Elliott you will want this.  

None of the fabric is my usual size but that’s okay. If I don’t use it myself it will be perfect for exchanges. 

Now i’m off to stitch— Garden Bug Party- CCN this week.


Japanese Garden update

Have you been wondering how Japanese Garden is coming along???

Now you can stop wondering. I finished the 3 O’clock rock garden. There is a mistake. I have decided to leave it as is.  

Chinese mandala

It’s from picture this plus.

chinese mandala

After spending all my free time today on the chatelaine viewer……. I have found my fabric. 

I think I’ll keep you all in suspense for awhile.  Here’s a clue, it’s neither white nor black.

Japanese Garden update