Japanese Garden update

Here is an update of Japanese Garden. It isn’t much of one I know.  Still not bad for only a few hours of stitching for the week.

 Note to self- Finally found the color JG is stitched on-  Silkweavers 28 ct Cashel Missisippi Blue Linen. 

I am so anxious for the materials list for Chinese Garden mandala to be released. With JG part of the fun was converting some of it, I can’t wait to again.  I do wish I could figure out how to get the Chatelaine viewer to work with it. I can’t seem to figure it out.   I am not sure if I should use the same fabric or what? Anyone have any thoughts. They will be sharing a wall in the bedroom.

When I found my absolute favorite of Jessica Galbreth’s new pieces- Release  was released last week to HAED. I knew I had to have it.  I didn’t hesitate with the 25% off plus the extra 15% coupon code I had. I ended up paying less than 10$ for the chart. I haven’t kitted it up yet but that’s okay.

I seem to be doing okay with my current rotation of three pieces.   JG, a HAED, and Garden Party. I am unsure if I will change the HAED to Release or not.  Time will tell.



Wonderful hubby

I knew just what to say when hubby asked what I wanted for Valentine’s day this year— Chinese mandala of course!   It is now official. I am so excited. I can’t wait until the materials list comes out. 

He also bought me the Jessica Galbreth- Release chart. Though he doesn’t know that yet. 

I haven’t stitched at all since last post. Troy’s birthday party went well. He will officially be 1- tomorrow.


The frog strikes

I spent most of naptime today frogging.  What did I frog you ask?? Half of the border of Garden Party.  I’m not sure you can tell on the picture……. The bottom was off a stitch. I had to frog it of course as it is the border. It is all frogged. I should still have enough floss to finish the border it will be close though. 

Note to self- check during progress of border to be sure it isn’t off. Then I won’t have to frog so  much.


Japanese Garden

A few are wondering which HAED’s I found their way to my printer.  Both are Jessica Galbreth pieces. One an old one- Enchanted Garden I think is the name of it, the other is a new one, Vision.  I had a 25% off total purchase coupon for Michaels, so Visions is all kitted up. I even have the first stitches in, but nothing to show. The first pages are all background so I won’t be posting too many pics. 

I also kitted up the stash I bought at Christmas, along with some stash I got over the summer.  I got that online- as my local LNS is nearly 2 hours away.  I love getting stitchy stuff in the mail.    I missed one floss color though. How annoying. I won’t be ordering just one skein online, so I shall wait to get that. If I decide to stitch it before, I’ll just convert it to something else.

I have 2 pictures today.  I finally have a picture of the Garden bugs (CCN) I am doing. That isn’t the name of the set, but I don’t remember what it is, and am too lazy to get up and look.  Anyways here it is….

28 ct white evenweave, 2 over 2. 
 Japanese Garden 28 ct cashel linen 2 over 2.  NPI changed to HDF