BINGO prize, stash, ornament finish, Christmas

I won bingo in one of my groups. First time! I was so excited. I went away for christmas. Upon my return my prize was waiting for me.  Thanks Carein

After new years, I will start the next game.

I was in NC to visit my mother-in-law. I thought there was a cross-stitch store there, and was so excited to see it. The LNS is 2 hours away from my house. I was quite disappointed to find out that shop in NC was closed- had been for 2 years.  *sigh*  Worked out in the end. I went by myself yesterday to the LNS. I had a great day. Best of all- aside from the stash- I didn’t feel rushed because of hubby and baby being there. I have a new yearly tradition!

The floss is for a few projects I got last trip there.  They were out of a few so I have an order to do for 123stitch.   They had the ladybug from the  CCN  Garden Party. Glad because I have already started it.  Not far enough to take a photo though.

I finished Nickedemus. Well the stitching anyways.

                                                                  Raise the roof designs
                                                                   2010 JCS ornament issue

I have been after hubby to make me a cross-stitch stand for years now. I finally gave up and decided to order one after christmas. Imagine my surprise when hubby made me one!  It’s a lap stand and all metal. I love it. It’s just what I wanted.



Exchange Received, WIP, Troy

I received my exchange yesterday from Theresa. I loved everything.    Here is a picture-

Thanks Theresa.

I FINALLY got working on my christmas ornament from this years ornament  issue of JCS. He is small so I hope to have him done tonight or tomorrow.

Since I talk about him I thought you may like to see a picture of my boy- Troy. He is 10 months.


I was browsing blogs and I saw someone else do this and really liked the idea. Since I plan to join more exchanges I thought I would do the same.

          Likes-   Red, purple, blue, green
          Dislikes- Pink, bright yellow, black,

         Likes- Evenweave 28 or 25 count, fat quarters of quilting fabric
         Dislikes- Aida, linen

     Likes- Everything!  I especially collecting anything non DMC- as I currently have all the DMC

         26  size Piecemakers. I tarnish and break other kinds

I love to journal so I collect journals and pens of all colors.   I also love to collage so I have a collection of crap I can glue, or somehow attach to paper.  I collect key chains, stuffed animals, and willow tree angels.

Food- I love anything with peanut butter in it.  I drink coffee as well as tea.

         I love most everything by LHN, Lizzy Kate,and CCN.  I love bears.I like cute sayings, halloween. 

         Dislikes- Religous sayings, large samplers, christmas trees, 


Another half page

Mistress Of Wolves-Jessica Galbreth- HAED

I FINALLY finished another half page! This one took me a record year and half to finish! Compared to the year it took to finish the first 4 pages. Ah well. I wouldn’t change anything. Having Troy is such a blessing.

This is 4 1/2 pages total done of 12.  Stitch count wise it is nearly half done as only 3 or 4 more pages are full pages.   

Does anyone love stitching on linen? I have 4 large pieces that I don’t want.  I am looking for a new home for them.