Recent stash

This is stuff I hope to start soon. My next projects. The one on the left I got in a secret sister on a cross-stitch group. The one on the right I bought for my secret sister but liked so much I had to keep it. The one in the middle is for halloween from a cross-stitch ornament.
The rest of my new stash.

Recently when we were on vacation I got some stash. Here it is. I need to order the ladybug to finish the CCN set. Not sure if I will stitch them all together or separate.


Current Project

Not the best photo- sorry- Will post a better one when the frogs are done. Frogs are my favorite animal. I am making this into a biscournu for quilting needles.

It is a free design I got with a cross stitch order online- Casey Buonaugurio. 2 over 2, 28ct cream evenweave

Lizzy Kate proper photo

Lizzy Kate- Cherish All Living Things- 2 over 2 on 28 ct evenweave- coffee/tea hand-dyed.