Japanese Garden Update



Hand-Dyed Fabby

I have some photos to share of some fabby I hand-dyed.

This is blue Rit Dye- on a variety of counts/fabby

Red rit dye on a piece of white evenweave, and red on a piece of yellow 28ct, jobelyn(i think it was jobelyn)

Coffee/Tea Dye

Coffee/Tea Dye on 28ct evenweave

Arrive today and JG

The new hard drive and memory will arrive today. I am glad. I am tired of using this live cd version of ubuntu (linux) I can only get online, can’t do anything else as there isn’t enough memory. It shouldn’t take long to put the hard drive and memory in. Since I built the computer I know am familiar with the guts of the computer.

I have figured out the backstitching on JG. Thank goodness, as frogging the same thing over and over sure gets old. I got about 1/3 of the bottom waves in the tori center done. I hope to get some more done while I await the UPS man.

Computer issues

I am having computer problems. They should be fixed this week. Stitching has taken a back seat to dealing with the issue.

Tried to do some of JG today but the waves at the bottom of the tori center in the petite braid are giving me issues. It is over 2 but some of the stitches are half back stitches and it is messing my counting all up. After frogging 4 times I gave up.

Mistress Update- 4 pages done!

I am so very pleased with this. It took me awhile to get the last 500 or so stitches of this page in. It was worth it though. This is 4 pages complete, also 1/4 of the design finished.

Not sure what I will stitch next, I think there is a SAL for one of my groups this weekend, if so it is the one I stitch Mistress, I may sit this month out, not sure. I need a break from Mistress.

Japanese Garden isn’t until next week. I may pull out Robin Blue, or maybe start a series of 3 angels I got from Cross-stitcher magazine.

I dyed some fabby over the weekend. I am pleased with it, Used Rit dye for some and then tea/coffee dye for the others. I like them both. I’ll get around to picture after the fabby dries, and I iron it.