Desert Mandala

I have had my eye on Desert Mandala since seeing the first preview pic of it. I have been waiting for the material list to come out, to decide on if I will get it. The list came out today. Although there are many DMC flosses, there are also silks, etc, which makes this expensive to kit, plus the chartpack itself is 26 Euro. I decided to hold off on this, and instead I purchased Celtic Maze (mystery XI) The chart was only 16 euro, much more affordable. I won’t be starting it until JG is at least half done. (or that is what I keep telling myself!).

I have a few smalls in my stitching stash. I am thinking of starting one of them. Sometimes I want to see a finish.



Mistress-Thursday SAL

Normally I would show a picture here, but this week I will make you wait
for just a bit. I am nearly done with another page, I will show a picture when
the page is done.

I am quite pleased with my progress though. When I finish this page, I will put work on
Blue Robin for a bit, I think. JG isn’t in the rotation until the second week of June.


Due to a family emergency last week I was out of the state, I didn’t get any stitching done.

Japanese Garden- Progress Pic

It is the end of my week of stitching JG. I had a lot of fun this week. It was a nice change from HAED.

Although I didn’t finish all of the Tori Center- I got most of it done, except some backstitching along the bottom and the frame around it. I’m pleased with my work.

I was nervous about the specialty stitches, but they were explained well. I had no problems with them.

JG- Backstitches

I decided to follow the written directions from Martina about the specialty stitches so today I did———–Backstitches. Exciting is it not? Looks good though.

I know today is Thursday and usually that would mean it is HAED SAL day, but I decided I just wanted to continue with JG so I did.

Japanese Garden-

I’ve another Japanese Garden update- I finished the center cross-stitching. Tomorrow I will do the specialty stitches, and start the frame around the center. I’m quite pleased with how it is looking.

JG progress

I’m quite pleased with my progress so far this week on JG. Here is a pic for you all-

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